Mantissa (Back Bay Books) [John Fowles] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In Mantissa (), a novelist awakes in the hospital with. Serious modern fiction has only one subject: the difficulty of writing serious modern fiction.” So says Fowles’ alter-ego here. And, if that idea was. In Fowles’s latest novel, however, the heroine’s part in this catalytic process is less easy to determine. For in Mantissa Fowles was not content merely.

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Jun 19, Natalia Oprea rated it liked it. Bloated with self-importance and self-referential in the most smug way possible.

There he conversed, warred and made love with his fictional female character in ping pong fashion. I enjoy feeling smart when I read something or am told something. Mantissa by John Fowles. A most sublime read for those interested in such topics; and perhaps a gruelling bore to those who aren’t.

Green suffers from amnesia and does not know his name or his family. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. The protagonist immediately finds himself in a padded cell in some sort of asylum. Man awakes in a hospital with memory loss with a female Doctor who says his only cure is sexual stimulation via her and a nurse.

It is a boring, pretentious and uninspiring read. One of the most surprising, unexpected, inventive and -yes – funny books I have read in a while.

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Fowles then spent four years at Oxford, where he discovered the writings of the French existentialists.

If you like existentialist metafiction, maybe you’ll like this. The Aristosa collection of philosophical thoughts and musings on art, human nature and other subjects, appeared the following year. It’s one of the best ways you can tell the true novelist nowadays.

Mantissa (novel) – Wikipedia

Miles Green wakes up in a matnissa bed, apparently flwles with amnesia; soon a lovely doctor and a sexy nurse are matter-of-factly administering therapeutic sex to the outraged patient. He recalled the English suburban culture of the s as oppressively conformist and his family life as fowls conventional.

Might have made a cute short story. Thus, by the last chapter, I had lost all interest and had no desire to finish the book. These were followed by Mantissaa fable about a novelist’s struggle with his muse; and A Maggotan 18th century mystery which combines science fiction and history. By definition I’m in despair. Actual literal masturbation over his own characters and prose.

The opening chapter is really brilliant. Just accept that that’s the way the biological cards have fallen. The title alone should be an indication of the book. But that self is also its own bickering spouse, mutually disdainful of the predicament taking place i.


Naturally, I didn’t understand most of it. I may come back to it, maybe it was just unfairly picked up dowles me at the wrong time.


Part one was slightly bonkers and engaged me. May 22, Surreysmum rated it it was ok Shelves: Musings on literary movements! And, throughout, the tussle between writer and Muse is interwoven with the sexual struggle between Man and Woman: A Life in Two Worldswas published inand the first volume of his journals appeared the same year followed recently by volume two. Mantissa is a novel where a writer ostensibly meets his muse — and this is quite symptomatic because Mantissa is a book in which his muse had left John Fowles.

Fowles wonderfully self-critiques his own insecurities and shortcomings both subtly and boldly as a novelist, a “surrealistic preamble” as his muse calls it.

I don’t think it’d change anyone’s life.

MANTISSA by John Fowles | Kirkus Reviews

Godric’s College in London, where he ultimately served as the department head. John Fowles’ Mantissa left me perplexed – not because I couldn’t figure out that it’s a novel about the creative process; that much stares you in the face – but because I can’t quite put my finger on why it leaves a bad taste in my mouth said she, madly mixing metaphors.

May 14, Travelin rated fowls liked it.

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