Jay Parini enjoys Augusten Burroughs’s collection of personal essays, Magical Thinking. Magical Thinking, Augusten Burroughs’s collection of true stories, is outrageous, hilarious and a touching tribute to his partner, says Kim Bunce. Magical Thinking is a memoir by American writer Augusten Burroughs. The book contains stories from the adult life of the author. Excerpts from the chapter.

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I commented that I did not want her to read it because in one of AB’s essays, he describes wishing augusyen boss dead the origination of the title and incredibly goes on to gleefully reveal that she did die after hoping it would happen. This is actually quite moving.

Dead clever

But spurned by a compulsion he did not understand, Burroughs began to write a Augusten Burroughs born Christopher Robison, son of poet and writer Margaret Robison and younger brother of John Elder Robison. But his face, when he sees that he’s done this–where are my keys?

When he’s working late and I’m alone, or sometimes when we’re in bed together, the lights off, I try to make even a small list in my mind of his magicql Who takes a bath and THEN gives the bathtub a deep scrubbing?


That’s why I took it to the DMV with me a few weeks ago when I was getting my driver’s license renewed. A few years ago I read Running with Scissors and found it over-the-top but tolerable.

Burroughs is thknking, selfish, self-centered, materialistic and shallow. I only read this ’cause it was a Christmas prezzie.

Magical Thinking: True Stories by Augusten Burroughs

I’m still working on that. I can’t read this.

Sep 20, Courtney Maum rated it really liked it. That is an absolute in my life too. It’s a weird feeling and I won’t call it coincidence either because it’s just happened too many times to say that it’s not magical.


The baby is alone. Then it was all about having a shar-pei puppy, the more wrinkles the better. Babies are supposed to be pretty durable. All the details, including the unprintables, are mentioned and their intimate conversations in verbatim.

It could die and it could rot. Even when burrouughs fight we fight inside a container of good.

Biography books Higher education Essays reviews. He calls her a cocksucker and threatens to push her mother into the ocean, hurt her daddy, and become her mgaical daddy.

I couldn’t laugh anymore because I thought he was just plain cruel most of the time whether it be to animals, children or adults. Now I havent read Running with Scissors or Dry yet but I do understand that he had a very screwed up childhood Damaged but invigorated and fucking lucky.


These are what make Augusten Burrough’s memoirs very different from what I’ve read so far. He thinikng each sexual encounter like he is telling them to his gay close friend inside an enclosed room. Augisten other story was perfect, moving, and humorous. Ugh, why the hell do I ever even bother trying to read books by this Augusten Burroughs guy? I have the feeling that this book got a fairly free editorial pass after the success of “Running With Scissors.

The second is a frank but campy book about the writer’s alcoholism. Guess it’s the poorest man’s David Sedaris: The government called and said we can’t afford Magicl Sedaris anymore. Each chapter has wonderful sentences that make me run into the room where jason is, or poke him on the train, and read aloud.

I did ask her for her name, though. Dec 22, K. Just like me baking dessert before making dinner.

It was a long wait, and the lobby was packed with all kinds of cranky people and their unruly kids.

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