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Their accounts of the ,a vary. Amaral notes the most salient difference between the lists, the presence or absence of Matthew’s visit to the apartment, but fails to draw the conclusion that the mentioning or not of this visit in the story to be told by the group was the very topic of the discussion.

Maddie, La Verdad De La Mentira

Dat maakt echter wel dat de lezer al meteen een vooroordeel heeft gevormd over de Portugese politie en autoriteiten, wat bij dit boek niet in het voordeel van de McCain’s werkt. They don’t come off well in it, and it would definitely impact on public opinion in the UK. Jun 04, Lozzi Counsell lx it it was amazing.

You fought for what you thinked that was the truth, but infortunately, the will of very powerfull powers prevailed. Dat is lastig om lx bereiken, omdat de zaak voor velen ver weg staat. I have to admit these statements where quite off putting for me as a reader, and distracted me from the point of the book, I fear this could be particularly distorting and distracting for those who are unaware of British culture, and could misinform their views of the case.

The said items also do not play a role in the overall analytical structure of Amaral’s book. Aan het einde van het boek is de lezer opnieuw door de rollercoaster gegaan welke de verdwijning van Maddie in ook al met zich meebracht.

K – so naturally I wanted to read it. Elk land verspreidde in en deels in foto’s van de Britse peuter. The evidence of the group of friends is completely contradictory. Aug 26, Raquel Bernardes rated it really liked it Shelves: The most condemning dee is that trained uk police sniffer dogs picked up blood and cadaver fluid in the Mccann apartment and in the car they hired after Madeleine disappeared.


I found a pdf translation on the internet. I haven’t awarded stars due to the nature of the subject. In this sense, Amaral has walked right into the group’s al.

Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article Feb 23, Amorita Maharaj rated it really liked it. This is one of the things that Amaral’s book, disappointingly, does not deal with.

On that page I came across a link for an English Translation of this story, for which I am infinitely grateful for, because I read this in one sitting, in one evening, on my phone. It’s not sensationalist, it’s full mebtira short, precise chapters with facts and results laid out.

Madeleine McCann The child, the whole world was lo A book that brings new lights about the “Maddie’s Case”, that is a very complex one and madeie bring some new light to everyone who want to see it, and have it own oppinion.

A great read with some interesting facts provided and the crime scene pictures helped provide a visual image of the crime scene that unfortunate day. Het boek lw puur een waarneming van feiten en een beschrijving van de gebeurtenissen zoals een politierapport opgesteld zou worden. Amaral’s book is unaware of this, and also the Prosecutor of the Republic, in its end report entitled “Despacho de arquivo” demonstrates a baffling ignorance concerning the macdie.

This is a must read for everybody, very interesting to read a book written in the style, like a police report.

Maddie – A Verdade da Mentira by Gonçalo Amaral

FYI, the absence of a body meant that the information supplied by the dog team was unusable. De cover maakt dat het boek meteen aanspreekt, maar ook het intro is aantrekkelijk geschreven.

The stake of the nightly discussion was to determine whether or not to mention Matthew’s visit. However, it is quite ee that this is due to the book being translated and copied onto the website, rather than errors in the original copy, but it is something to be aware of.


During the nightly hours after the disappearance, the group produced two lists of events. It pretty much blows the abduction theory to bits. This led to information which proved difficult to believe, such as about the jemmied shutter, but also contained allusions to situations which were later no longer stressed or differently described and memtira significantabout the open front door and a check at half past nine when menira were asleep and the shutter closed BBC, 4 May The Dogs and the cuddle Cat… Questions o Oh, I will also be purchasing a copy of this as soon as it becomes available in the UK to support the author.

Leaving No Stone Unturned Limite One of my favourites! He served in Lisbon, the Algarve and the Azores. I don’t know what happened to Madeleine – but I believe the McCanns menira.

Maddie: La Verdad de La Mentira

View all 5 comments. Chapters 16 and 18 are particularly interesting. No trivia or quizzes yet. Maddei is available translated into English here; I will be purchasing a copy of this in support of the author when it becomes available, but for now I believe the truth is better shared like this for free than kept hidden like the McCanns wanted for some “unknown” reason. That it has been vilified, temporarily removed from the shelves of Portuguese bookshops, still after seven years banned completely in the UK, and the author hounded apparently according maddid the instructions or demands of the chief suspects is enough, I believe, to confirm its veracity

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