LIZARDMEN WARBAND. By Tommy “Punk” Fransson. “Although the temple city is a ruin and the vaults of the Old Ones have been sealed there is no telling. Product Description. Sculpted by Faron Betchley, the lizardman warband is ready to defend their swampy homes from any intruders. Each pack comes with cruit and equip your initial Warband. The maximum number of warriors in the warband may never exceed Heroes. Skink Priest: Each Lizardmen warband.

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Colonel Kane 31 December at A lightning bolt shots from the sky and strikes the closest enemy model within 10″ of the skink priest, causing a single strength 5 hit. If you are using the alternative combat system the -2 to WS do not count to see if the model is taken “Out of Action” due to a WS of 0. The extremely rare albinos are marked by the old ones.

Lizardmen Warband

Huanchi 10 gc Those blessed by master of stealth bear no distinctive mark. Javelins are throwing spears used frequently by skink hunters. Saurus warriors may buy dark venom and black lotus and use it on their close combat weapons as normal, but they have to purchase it as normal from the trading chart.

Saurus have one weapon attack and one powerful bite attack. Tzunki 10gc Sea green colour shows the mark of water deity Tzunki.


Skink warriors use the skinks equipment list. I plan to run this as a skirmish game for the guys sometime in the new year, so I won’t give away much more! Invoking the power of Huanchi the jaguar god of earth and night the natural stealth abilities of the skinks is enhanced to the maximum. Saurus were created as excellent warriors but they lack in nearly everything else.



Lizardmen Mordheim Warband

This spell remains in play until the skink priest is taken out of action. You have gold crowns or the lizardmen equivalent to recruit your initial warband. Love the look of these guys, especially the shaman: The spell may be cast on a single model within 6″ of the skink priest or on himself. The Skink Priests are easily recognizable as they paint their skins black, and then add further paint to form the colourful mystic symbols associated with their god.

A model may go into hiding even if they ran in the movement phase or has already shot with a lizardmwn weapon. They have no long range shooting earband. At the beginning of the turn the skink priest must pass a leadership roll in order to keep spell going.

The Saurus Braves may be equipped from the Braves Equipment list, but may not be armed sarband missile weapons. Those blessed by master of stealth bear no distinctive mark.

Lozardmen Roar – the saurus’s roar is so deafening, that enemy models in base contact suffer -1 to hit in lzardmen first round of combat against them. Cities of Gold Mordhiem setting published in Town Cryer magazineand the Pirates on the warband published in Town Cryer 6 I thinkwith a load more Indiana Jones-style hazard added in.


Saurus have thick, horny, scaly hide which protects them as natural armour. Although they lack the brute force and sheer agression of the Saurus they are good at shooting volleys of arrows or javelins. Many Skinks dwell in the deepest jungles and trackless swamps of Lustria. A model lizarfmen by a bolas isn’t hurt but is entangled and the model is unable to move and suffers a WS penalty of -2 in hand-to-hand combat.

I think the pirates got an upgrade in the annual but I will have to check.

Kroxigor armour – light armour for kroxigor is huge and so costs 40 gc even when buying it from the equipment chart Do not like that food — lizardmen have no use for halfling cookbook Choice of warriors A lizardmen warband must include a minimum of three models. The Kroxigor may move and fight normally as long as there is at least one Skink in base contact with it. They are automatically recovered after each battle.

Ilzardmen looked at that forum a few times – looks pretty cool! They are able to understand commands but their speech is very limited and they lack intelligence to really benefit from experience. Skinks are fast, agile and intelligent.

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