Welcome to the Wiki, a place for comprehensive documentation on the LibGDX API and features. This wiki is community driven, and can be edited by anyone. The following is an ongoing series on working with the exceptional library, LibGDX. LibGDX is a cross platform Java based game development library that. Read the Docs · Log In · View Docs · libgdx · Overview Description. libgdx中文 文档. Repository. Project Slug. libgdx.

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BitmapFont ; import com. IOSApplication ; import com. Selector ; import ios. Sound ; import com. For a docuemntation comprehensive guide to most things LibGDX, the wiki is your best place to go.

It doesn’t contain documentation for everything in LibGDX, but the essentials for getting up and running, and some of the harder aspects like working from source. Next, configure our project. Now we can create Main class for our Android application. We completed our iOS game and our application. This page is outdated. The content is managed, but you may find out of date information. So now we should create some models such as Player, Naves and others for our game.

Books You can also check out the following books: Official documentation The documentation here is condensed, written by the core contributors and always up to date. You can see the revised AndroidManifest. Select Phone and Tablet as the form factor for our application. To do this, execute this command: Before we will libvdx create our first libGDX application, we need to set up the environment with right version of libGDX. You can download these files from here All resources were taken from this project and they are distributed under MIT license.


UIApplicationMain 0nullnullMain. If there are none, it won’t get any calls.

Set Up Your Environment. To develop the Android part of our app, modify the build.

Sign up using Facebook. After the module gets created, we can remove all layout and storyboard files from resources.

LibGDX Tutorial series

Email Required, but never shown. To begin, set some breakpoints. Click the Finish button to create our module.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. AndroidApplicationConfiguration ; import org. Here is the original Info. First, change the main build. Multi-OS Engine Documentation 1. Pointer ; import org. Next, change our build. Batch ; import com. We can now explore how you can debug your libGDX application.

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The documentation here is condensed, written by the core contributors and libgdxx up to date. Next, add resources to Xcode. The biggest part of application is the common part. So, we created our project! After dochmentation choose Single View Application as a template for a new module. On both operating systems, the game looks and behaves the same way.

  ISO 9614-1 PDF

You can see it below. Libgrx the documentation on this link suggests. In our application, we will be use the last version of libGDX 1.

That completes the common part of our application! First, set a breakpoint at the start of game creating function create at line 15 MissleCommand. You can debug two targets side-by-side using the powerful iOS simulator and Android emulator.

LibGDX Tutorial series

If documentaation do, feel free to update the articles yourself, or ask for clarification on the forums or the irc channel. Set the name of our new module, package for our module, and the name of our common class. After completing this, view the file tree: In the next window, choose a name for new module, such as ios.

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