En ortopedia, la lesión de Bankart es una rotura de la parte anteroinferior del reborde glenoideo o labrum glenoideo de la escápula, a consecuencia de una luxación anterior de hombro. Perthes lesion is variant of Bankart lesion, presenting as an anterior glenohumeral injury that occurs when the scapular periosteum remains intact but is stripped. Sometimes, glenoid bone loss accompanies a bony fragment, which is called a bony Bankart lesion. This is observed in.

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Effect of an anterior glenoid defect on anterior shoulder stability: They are frequently seen in association with a Hill-Sachs lesion. The HSL is also commonly observed in shoulders with anterior instability.

Shoulder MR – Instability

Medially displaced labroligamentous complex with absence of the labrum on the glenoid rim. We apply this width 0. Hill-Sachs lesion HSL not entirely covered by the glenoid at yombro end-range: Anterior bony defects were created at 3: Quantifying glenoid bone loss arthroscopically in shoulder instability.

Reverse Bankart Detachment of the posteroinferior labrum o’clock with tearing of the posterior scapular periosteum with or without an osseus fragment of the glenoid. Wien klin Wochenschr Suppl ; First scroll through the images and try to find out what is going on. During arthroscopic surgery, the relative relationship between the HSL and the glenoid can be assessed.


On the AP-view the head looks strange due to the bankaft rotation.

A HSL, which stays on the glenoid track on-track lesioncannot engage with the jombro and cannot cause dislocation. In Bankart repairs, the labral fragment is sutured back to the glenoid rim using suture anchors. This is a traumatic shoulder dislocation, which is pathological and needs to be treated.

No-one can tell precisely what hkmbro of the glenoid is. Published online Aug 1. Notice extention of the SLAP-tear further to posterior red arrow. Notice the detatched labrum at the o’clock position on the sagittal MR-arthrogram. This was because in this position, the repaired anteroinferior capsule became tight and prevented the anterior translation of the humeral head, even with a large glenoid defect Fig.

Bankart lesion | Radiology Reference Article |

Bankart fracture This is a post-reduction view. Anteroinferior bony defects were created at the 4: Posterior dislocations are associated with epileptic seizures, high energy trauma, electrocution and electroconvulsive therapy.

The track of the extended arm moved along the end-range creates a large circle around the shoulder joint. This is probably the result of a very large long-standing rotator cuff tear with progressive cranialisation of the humeral head and erosion of the acromion.

J Shoulder Elbow Surg ; SLAP tears and Bankart lesions. We repeated the similar biomechanical studies with a bony defect created in the lfsion portion of the glenoid Fig. Thank you for updating your details.

Lesión de Bankart

Whatever the magnitude and direction, the perpendicular component of the resultant force against the glenoid socket multiplied by the stability ratio determines the resistance force.

  IC 74151 PDF

What is wrong with a glenoid bony defect? This section is empty. Bony bankartt created anteroinferiorly. First, we measured the bony stability using the stability ratio without any soft-tissue contribution; 13 next, we measured the shoulder stability after the Bankart repair in a displacement control study.

The Radiology Assistant : Shoulder MR – Instability

It llesion a very fundamental question. The shoulder is a very mobile and therefore unstable joint. For the homvro, there are two methods: Hill-Sachs Off-track lesions as risk factor for recurrence of instability after arthroscopic Bankart repair. On the transscapular-Y view the humeral head is displaced posteriorly.

There is also a Hill-Sachs defect red arrow. Bankart lesions occur as a direct result of anterior dislocation of the humeral head, whereby the humerus is compressed against the labrum. Notice the abnormal contour of the anterior glenoid and the avulsed anterior rim arrow.

Case 5 Case 5. Case 6 Case 6. Perthes lesion a variant of the Bankart lesion: Therefore, it should be performed after the Bankart repair. Another example of a reverse Bankart.

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