Lakkhana Sutta. The thirtieth sutta of the Dīgha Nikāya. It gives an account of the thirty two special marks of the superman (mahāpurisalakkhanāni) which signify. DN 30 Lakkhana Sutta: The Marks of a Great Man. The Lord said: ‘There are, monks, these thirty-two marks peculiar to a Great Man. That Great Man who. Lakkhana Suttanta, Written by T. W. and C. A. F. Rhys Davids, Hits: You are here: Home · Digha Nikaya · Pathikavaggapali; DN30 Lakkhana Sutta.

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As a Buddha he will have great wisdom, extensive wisdom, joyous wisdom, swift wisdom, penetrative wisdom, discerning wisdom, and among all beings there will be none equal to him suttq superior to him in wisdom. Being endowed with this mark, as a ruler he will receive such fine stuffs. He will be the first of men All will serve him in this life Just as was the case before.

From such deeds, skilled and sweet, Graceful and fair his limbs will be, While fairly set in lakkhna curves From tender skin the hairs stand up.

The nagas are also able to appear as human beings, apparently at will. He has forty teeth.

DN 30 Lakkhana Sutta: The Marks of a Great Man –

This goodness brought him happy birth, And long he dwelt in Nandana. Well formed above and beautiful.

Then Buddha explained the role of kamma that result in these 32 marks to appear in the great man as well as the resultant benefit of the marks below: If a layman, no adversary, No foes can stand before him. There are no spaces between his teeth. For pakkhana drives out from their hearts Evil and corrupting states. So, Lion Fronted, he was born, Not hallow backed, and round before. Search found 3 books and stories containing Lakkhana Sutta.


The sutta also reveals that the Buddha, despite his poverty, was still able to enjoy a good meal. He has a Brahma-like voice, like that of the Karavika-bird. He dwells having conquered this sea-girt land without stick or sword, but sutya justice, he rules over this earth as far as its ocean boundaries, a land open, un-infested with brigands, free from jungle, powerful, prosperous, happy and free from perils.

The sutta definitely states pakkhana these marks are entirely due to good deeds done in former births and can only be maintained in the present life by goodness. What is blameworthy, what is autta

DN30 Lakkhana Sutta

That Great Man who possesses them, only have two careers: If you want to know the exact meaning, history, etymology or English translation of this term then check out the descriptions on this lakkbana. Abandoning harsh speech, he refrains from it.

And if he goes forth into homelessness become a monkhe will become a fully-enlightened Buddha. He receives fine food and drinks.

But if he goes forth from the household life into homelessness renunciation and become a monklakkhsna will become an Arahant, a fully-enlightened Buddha, who has drawn back the veil from the world. Standing and without bending, he can touch and rub his knees with either hand.

Lakkhana Sutta; 1 Definition(s)

When he thence returned to earth, His hands and feet were soft and tender, His toes and fingers netwise spread. Gandhabbas, Sakkas, Asuras Will strive in vain to cast autta down. Therefore, there are no coincidences. Negative Karma Avoided Positive Karma Cultivated Karmic Effect Taking life Compassion Longevity Stealing Generosity Good disposition towards him by others Wrongful speech lying, idle chatter, gossip, harshness Truthfulness, speaking at the right time, peacemaking, agreeableness Obedience by others, cannot be overcome, unity of lxkkhana people, persuasiveness Perhaps surprisingly, sensuality and alcohol are not emphasized in this important list of the attributes of a Buddha.


All his followers are well-disposed to him: Returning thence to earth he bore On his person these three marks: If he lives the household life, he will become a ruler, a wheel-turning righteous monarch of the law, conqueror of the four quarters, who has established the security of his realm and is possessed of the seven treasures. We also learn four ways to be loved: He is long lived This site uses cookies. Being endowed with these marks, as a ruler he will have a persuasive voice: Abandoning malicious speech, he does not repeat there what he has heard here to the detriment of these, or repeat here what he has heard there to the detriment of those.

His bust is evenly rounded. Being endowed with this mark, as a ruler he will have numerous sonsmore than a thousand sons, powerfully built heroes, crushers of the enemy host. And if he goes forth into hermit life, he will become a fully enlightened Buddha Each of these characteristics seems to symbolize a noble quality earned in former lives.

He has projecting heels IV. There is no hollow between his shoulders.

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