Title, La Epopeya del Morro Volume 10 of La Literatura Peruana · [La literatura peruana. año 1. vol. ] Author, José Santos Chocano. Publisher, Imprenta y. Get this from a library! La epopeya del Morro: poema americano. [José Santos Chocano]. La epopeya del Morro: (Poema americano) by José Santos Chocano · La epopeya del Morro: (Poema americano). by José Santos Chocano. Print book.

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The Alfonso Ugarte room Another person linked to the Pacific War is Alfonso Ugartethe one who jumped from his horse on the headland of Arica in order to save the flag of Peru. The Singer wpopeya Americas. After covering the whole ground floor of this house I also found some beautiful wooden stairs that lead me to the next part of the museum that had so much information to offer to its visitors that you must come to see it!

Cite this Email this Add to favourites Print this page. Elopeya page was last edited on 14 Decemberat Part of the War of the Pacific. A miniature of the moro Moreover, there is also something picturesquewhich is a miniature version of the museum house.

What are the opening hours of the museum? The remaining defenders then retreated to their main defense up the cape, fighting back and trying to reorganize their lines.

This attack will not be made trotting, lads. On 8 March, a Chilean expeditionary force was sent to Mollendo, in order to avoid the communications between this port with Arequipa, where 4, Peruvian soldiers were posted. Original text by Jesus en su tinta. La Epopeya del Morro de Arica, 7 de junio de So that you can locate yourselves, I want to show you in this first photo the outside of the museum. The use of land mines had made the assaulting force furious and they took no prisoners. Here, by way of contradiction, lie the remains of each one of these incognito characters from our history, from whom we can learn many new things in order to be able to have a better view of the country and to improve the situation for our future generations.


Battle of Arica – Wikipedia

They abused their numbers, playing with their corvos and bayonets; epoeya were as blind as raging bulls; I have no words Only the action of the officers prevented a total annihilation of the Peruvian troops.

Since the Morro de Arica was the last bulwark of defense for the allied troops standing in the city, the city was quickly captured. Install “View on Flickriver” script Bookmarklet While viewing any Flickr photos page, click on the bookmarklet to open the same view on Flickriver.

Lepiani in just 19 years after the Battle of Arica. The feat of capturing the port was impressive, but it was marred by the lack of Chilean control over the assaulting troops which led to a widespread killing of the surviving and surrendering Peruvian mkrro and the citizens of the captured city, which was then looted. This blockade was broken twice for the Peruvian army.

The history of the Pacific War has also brought characters who were able to survive this sad episodefor example inside the museum you can find a photograph in black and white with the survivors of the battle that they added the day that the monument of the hero of Arica was inaugurated. This battle proved decisive because Bolivia was knocked out of the war and retired to the Andes, and never engaged in the war again. The defensive batteries at the cape were divided into three groups: At the East Fort exactly the same thing happened.

After reorganizing its troops, the Chilean command decided to take the port of Arica. Toro Submarino Strategies of the War of the Pacific.

The city to this day remains part of Chile, and is a constant symbol of friction with its neighbors Peru and Bolivia. Log in with Facebook Log in with Google.

José Santos Chocano – Wikipidiya

Arica, Battle of, Arica, Chile, Install search plugin “View on Flickriver” Greasemonkey script A Greasemonkey script that adds Flickriver links to various Flickr photo pages – user photos, favorites, pools etc, allowing to quickly open the corresponding Flickriver view.


Chocano was a very prolific poet, who also wrote epic and lyric poems. Visitando el Museo de los combatientes del Morro de Arica Italiano: In this fight the old Peruvian Commander died along with several officers and more than 1, men.

After the battle of Tacna, Col. Finally the southern group, led by Juan Guillermo Moore, had eight cannons 6 Voruz, 1 Pairot and 1 Vavasseuradding up a total of nineteen cannons. There are approximately sixty people photographed in black and white, all of them already old-aged: Due to his great courage, he is considered Patron of the Peruvian Army as well as having the posthumous rank of Grand Marshal of Peru a title that was given to him in Only five survivors from it came to Arica with news about the battle.

José Santos Chocano

He was born on the 4th December and died in Arica on the 7 of Cel Some other high-ranking Peruvian officers who also perished were Colonel Alfonso Ugarte who, in a heroic act, drove his horse off the cliff down into the Pacific Ocean to prevent the capture of the Peruvian flag by Chilean forcesand Colonel Mariano Bustamantehis Chief of Detail.

While viewing any Flickr photos page, click on this button to open the same view on Flickriver. For Peru it is commemorated as Flag Day for the heroic stances of both Bolognesi and Ugarte epkpeya with the rest of the garrison, while the Chilean Army honors the anniversary as Infantry Day every year, in commemoration of the heroism of the thousands of Chilean infantrymen who fought the battle to its victorious end.

Lagos’ pleas fell on deaf ears when Bolognesi replied that he would fulfill his duties until he had fired his last shot.

View all Erasmus in Lima. Obviously this caused many people to go against the proposal so it was never realised.

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