He worked for FEMA at ground zero, but then Kurt Sonnenfeld became a suspect appeared before a crowded room to present El Perseguido. Just how if your day is begun by reading a publication EL PERSEGUIDO By Kurt SONNENFELD Yet, it remains in your gizmo? Everyone will consistently touch. Kurt Sonnenfeld (born 12/18/) is an American granted political asylum in Argentina after On May 8, , Kurt Sonnenfeld published El Perseguido (The Persecuted), at the 35th Annual Buenos Aires Book Fair in Argentina. In the book .

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Thank you very much! The streets were immediately clogged with fire trucks, police cars and blocked traffic, and the vault was large enough, 15 meters by 15 meters by my estimate, to necessitate at least a big truck to carry out its contents.

All this informations are allowed in the rest of this planet and protected by the United Nations determinations, and laws perseguiod Human Rights. I am convinced that my tapes reveal many more anomalies than I am capable of recognizing given my limited qualifications. With so much chaos, it was difficult to think.

Kurt Sonnenfeld: an inconvenient 9/11 witness

You explained that your request for refugee status within the terms of the Geneva Convention is still being considered by the Argentinean Senate, while in you were granted political asylum, albeit, on a provisional perseguldo. And there, perhaps a lawyer. Many people have the hope that this will all end with the current administration. Do you think that the Obama Administration holds out any hope in this respect?

Kurt Sonnenfeld: El perseguido. Editorial Planeta

But the camera was rolling, my Vari-Lite was burning, and our story was about his life and not mine. With the publication of your book, you have become a “whistleblower” — yet another step on which there is no going back!


I looked at their eyes and tried to imagine what was their experience of life. The US made an extradition request and Sonnenfeld was imprisoned for seven months in the Villa Devoto penitentiary, an infamous Buenos Aires prison, until an Argentine federal judge rejected the U.

As one senator has noted about my case: The enormous black-budget of the US Department of Defense represents an unlimited money machine for the military-industrial complex, figuring in the multi-trillions of dollars, and it will continue to be so until the masses wake up, recuperate their skepticism and demand accountability.

The legacies live on. Recently I saw photos, posted on-line by a German magazine, of an Iraqi boy only about three or four years old. But some months later, they announced that they sonnwnfeld broken up a huge Colombian narco-trafficking and money-laundering ring after miraculously recovering crucial evidence from the safe, including surveillance photos and heat-sensitive cassette tapes of monitored calls.

Your autobiographical book titled “El Perseguido” Persecuted was recently published in Argentina where you live in exile since People are gripped by fear. As we said, deciding to write this book and to go public was a huge step. To this day, my wife, my twin daughters and I live in a closed world surrounded by threat and harassment. Do you know that hundreds of government personnel were pre-positioned in New York City on September 10, preparing to do a large scale simulation of a terrorist attack to be carried out on September 12?

You could see the white bones of his ribs, and he had no fingers, no lips, no eyelids. How to participate in Voltaire Network? At what point did the situation capsize? This being said, I do find it rather odd that such objects could have survived fairly intact the type of destruction that turned most of the Twin Towers into thin dust.

What type of events are you referring to? After a voluntary visit to the US embassy in Buenos Aires to secure a visa for his new wife, the US federal government made the first of numerous attempts to extradite him back to the US for the murder of his wife Nancy, notwithstanding the Colorado court’s decision not to prosecute him for the murder.


We all decay and die, despite the illusions we create for ourselves. Prosecutors dropped the case in June for lack of evidence but maintained the right to refile.

What happened with Building 7 kutt incredibly suspicious. Denver cops say government spokesman shot wife, staged suicide scene By Kirk Mitchell.

It was there we found the security antechamber to the vault, badly damaged. The renewed interest by prosecutors in Colorado was premised on alleged confessions Sonnenfeld made to two cellmates while he was in jail awaiting trial. At the highest levels in Washington, DC, someone knew what was going to happen.

Kurt Sonnenfeld – Wikipedia

And when I listen to music, sometimes I remember all the long talks I used to have with my sister while she played her favorite records. He began working at the newspaper inafter writing for newspapers in Mesa, Ariz. A delivery boy, an engineer, a secretary, a waiter.

His fingerprints were not on the gun found at the scene and his gunpowder residue tests were negative. United States of America.

Kurt Sonnenfeld: an inconvenient 9/11 witness, by Gaia Edwards

Everybody knows that if you question US authority you will have problems in some way or another. Sometimes I ache for them! And no doubt the first U. Actually, there are several other very smart and credible people blowing whistles, too.

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