Kumbakonam Temples Timings, List, map, History in Tamil and Telugu, Accommodation, Route info, Images, Pooja details, Online booking, Website, Phone. Navagraha Temple Tour Route Map. Temples in and around Kumbakonam, Thanjavoor, Mayilladuthurai and Karaikal. This map is guide for the people who are. kumbakonam, pilgrimage temple city around kudanthai thanjavur tanjore mahamaham swamimalai tiruvaiyyaru mayiladuthurai kuthuvilakku kumbeswarar .

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Shining towards the tekples line, it is brighter when compared to Budhan but kujbakonam moon it also decays during its phases. It is believed that Kethu is a healer for fever, tuberculosis, skin diseases and leprosy.

You will be blessed with good children and can even have a chance to visit and live in foreign countries. Rahu is situated in Southwest and pleases with Mandharai flower, Arugu leaf and Ulundu grain. Arulmigu Swaminatha Swami Temple, Swamimalai.

Nearset railway station aduthurai is which is 2km and Mayiladuthurai railway line which is 21 Km from Suriyanar Koil. Kethu is believed to be a red snake that clutches Suriyan thus paving way for solar eclipse. By continuing, you consent to our cookies.

Navagraha Temple Tour Route Map

Budha resembles a lot to Lord Vishnu in terms of appearance. Kethu koil is located 2 km south of Dharmankulamwhich is on Mayiladuthurai which is about 20km to Poompukar which is 5 Km it can also be reached from Sirkazhi which is about 20km.

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You did not mention your place of stay. In Tamil there is saying, Templles one gifts like Sani and none is there who takes away like Sani. Manoharan, Buddhidaha and Thanapradhan. Rahu who deceitfully took elixir of immortality from lord Vishnu was beheaded before the elixir reached the whole body.

This in fact reflects the extremism of impacts that Saneeswar can make. Read our community guidelines.

Hotels travellers are raving about To get complete details about this temple please click this link Chevvai Temple. Saneeswaran Koil is located 5 km from Karaikal, 38 km from Mayiladudhurai and 40km from Thiruvarur.

The shine for Sukran is Agniswarar koil in Kanjanur.

Navagraha Temples Tour

Sage Bhrigu and his wife Pulomisai are the parents of Sukran. VaidheeswaranKoil about 6 km South of Sirkazhi, on the way to Mayiladuthurai is the concerned shrine praying chevvai where you can minimize the distresses imposed by Chevvaidhosams. Friday Kumbaknoam – Start from Chennai. Considering the stay is at KumbakonamSuggesting the below route and order.


Resembling closely to a dark snake with face of a lion and four hands, he rides on a goat. To get complete details about this temple please click this link Rahu Temple. To get complete details about this temple please click this link Saneeswaran Temple.


The chariot of Guru is towed by a golden horse and he travels on an elephant. Wearing a silk wardrobe with golden shade, Sun has two lotuses on his shoulders and there are eight hands for him.

Kumbakonam is considered as a center of location for all 9 navagraha temples.

Budhan Koil is located 26km from Mayiladuthurai and 10km from Sirkazhi To get complete details about this temple please click this link Bhudan Temple Jupiter Guru With its position fifth from the sun, Guru is known to be a Satvic inclining to harmony. Saturday – Reach Kumbakonam and refresh in your hotel. Top things to do in Kumbakonam Navagrahas are believed to be manipulated kumbakoonam Mother Parameswari.

To get complete details about this temple please click this link Chevvai Temple Mercury Bhudan Considered as the lord of Knowledge, Bhudhan is the son to Thara and Chandran. He sits on a crocodile and ten horses drive his chariot.

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