***SOLVED*** This is probably a very basic and stupid question. I have an image that I want to open another window(tab) when clicking on it. free, third party, open-source. ยท Accordion Menu Plugin This xml-only plugin provides an easy and simple way for adding a accordion menu. Open Plugin panel and click ” Save”. When Explorer window open, specify path to save “add_hotspot/” When you re-open tour plugin panel will .

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How to open a new browser window onclick()? – Beginners Questions – Forum

Changes cannot be saved to the server, you kepano file with changes and send it to Customer to place the file on his server. Once the tour is loaded you will be presented with the first image of your tour Rotate The image until you can see where you want your first Hotspot. Editor Plugin This plugins allows interactively adding hotspots and lensflares objects and it generates and allows editing and testing xml code.

Prepare a hot spot for opening video file. Name – Enter name of hotspot. Here you can configure the parameters of the created hot spot. Panel for hotspots creating. Plugins for the krpano Panorama Viewer What are plugins? How to develop a plugin Show your plugin here.

Add as many hotspots as you like, create a stunning autotour and save your created tour all using the plugin with no coding needed.

Plugins for the krpano Panorama Viewer

Clicking on the created hotspot will open the selected photo. Note – Selecting a higher-level folder or the root folder itself is possible too, all sub-folders will be automatically trusted too! Get the hotspots creation plugin. Clicking on the name in the list takes a look at this hotspot.


Radar Plugin The radar plugin shows the current viewing cone. Try to shorten long links, not all links can open “In frame”. Description Creating hotspots in browser. Click on the name of hotspots opens view of this hotspots. Try to shorten long links, not all links can open “In frame”. Its variables within the program can be edited through using the XML scripts. Krpano video player is used to play video. This tab has the same settings as Default settingswith four more buttons added on it.

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If necessary, select desired predefined actions, activate by clicking on name indicator turns green: Clicking on hotspot will start to play file, the icon “speaker” will appear above hotspot. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Assign hotspots to open URL links. An example of creating a text hotspot. Click on the icon and in the Explorer provider? Selecting a tab is done by pressing corresponding round oopen, button change color to green when click. It’s possible to develop own plugins – see here.

The first state is the default, the second state can be applied to the hotspot when hovering, clicking etc. In this case, hotspot is a reference point of the created view and it becomes invisible when opfn mode is disabled or krpsno is minimized.

KrPano’s features and tools. Select created earlier image by clicking on icon “Select image” and create a hotspot by tapping “Add hotspot”. Auto Thumbs Plugin Automatically generate nice scrolling thumbnails from your tour’s scenes.


– Plugins

This tab allows you to ideally place part of image pixel per pixel extracted from panorama. Place, for example, a test tour on the Customer’s server. Later in this tab I plan to make volume setting at startup. When you click on hotspots, the name of the hotspots appears in this line. The value “prop” is proportional. It allows you to add visual effects for startup intros, scene changes, information popups, etc.

A higher value brings to oen foreground HTML5 This tab allows you to ideally place part of image pixel per pixel extracted from panorama. Arrows Plugin Inspired by a streetview. The value of “prop” is proportional. Changes to parameter are made by pressing left mouse button and moving it to the left decrease the parameter and to the right parameter increase. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

Krpamo at start – Set the desired video volume when playing with the slider or by entering a numeric value from 0 min to 1 max. Viewing images is done using the arrow keys or swipe effect known from iOS devices.

When loading data or code from the web, e. Arithmetic Plugin A math plugin that supports multiple integrated arithmetic operations.

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