Breakthrough: An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication with the Dead [Konstantin Raudive, Joyce Morton, N. Fowler, Elizabeth Coxhead] on. His name was Konstantin Raudive, and he called his technique The book, called Breakthrough, went ahead, and EVP was on the scene. Breakthrough: An Amazing. Experiment in Electronic. Communication with the Dead. By Konstantin Raudive Ph.D. (shown at left). • Translated by Nadia Fowler.

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konstanntin The answer to this is found in how Raudive conducted his sessions. Have Your Voice Heard! He started a radio session and left his microphone on by mistake.

The diode was simply a piece of germanium connected by a wire coiled two daudive three times. Today, with the advent of the digital age, most recorders have a built in microphone so purchasing an external microphone is not necessary.

The first method was the microphone — recorder set-up. He practiced the technique of finding an inter-frequency and recording it. He connected this diode receiver into his recorder and recorded numerous voices. Today with the stereo microphone capabilities of most digital recorders, a dual mic set-up is unnecessary. According to Raudive, however, one night, as he listened to one recording, he clearly heard a number of voices. For Raudive, his mediator did not appear until after six months of recording had occurred.


Other researchers often report communications with Raudive.

Raudive knew that he needed to investigate this further in a more controlled environment away from Jurgenson while using his own equipment. October 16, at 9: Raudive and Jurgenson collaborated together in recording sessions until June with results that were described as tenuous at best.

For radio-based instrumental transcommunication researchers, Raudive also introduced us to the idea of inter-frequency white noise and microphone recording. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

This method simply entails having a recorder with a microphone attached to it. Raudive delineated a number of characteristics of the voices, as laid out in Breakthrough:. I find that it is not uncommon to spend over an hour examining every minute of recorded audio. August 29, at 3: Views Read Edit View history. An inter-frequency is simply a frequency that is in between two broadcast frequencies so only static is produced.

He insisted upon documenting the people at the session and the lonstantin and time the session took place; he insisted upon limiting distractions and unnecessary conversation; he also recommended limiting recording times to under fifteen minutes due to the long hours it requires for playback examination.

The static output was then channeled into the input of the recording device.

The people who think they tune into dead voices

With the help of various electronics experts he recorded overaudiotapes, most of which were made under what he described as “strict laboratory conditions. When he played the tape over and over, he came to believe he understood all of them. The fifth and final method of recording was discovered by accident, and it is the method that is used by ghost box researchers around the globe today. Over the course of the next three years, Dr.

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Konstantin Raudive and His ITC EVP Breakthrough • ITC Voices

Raudive later modified this type of radio recording by placing his diode in between the radio output and the recorder input. Rajdive reading his book inRaudive contacted Jurgenson to learn more. Raudive collected over 72, distinct voices recorded during his sessions. A good portion of the independent listeners were personal friends.

Raudive also experimented with what he dubbed Frequency Transmitting Recording. Raudive had a penchant for languages. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use konstantinn Privacy Policy. His feats were numerous. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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This is the for runner to how myself and the majority of ghost box users conduct question and answer sessions with our radio-based instrumental transcommunication devices. He was invited to conduct his experiments at Pye Records recording studio. Jurgenson, more importantly, posited to the public that these voices were not from living beings, but they were actually the voices of the dead.

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