x ^-^ J ^ A -% A -AAAAAM M ini MJIM& KNOW THYSELF By NA’IM AKBAR, PH.D. MIND PRODUCTIONS Mind Productions & Associates N. Copeland. Know Thyself by Na¶Im Akbar. What distinguishes human life from all other animals on earth is the ability to acquire knowledge. Knowledge is the capacity to . KNOW THYSELF. BY. NA’IM AKBAR, PH.D. KNOW THYSELF. EDUCATION AS . When you understand that we are all people of a sim- ilar destiny, fate and .

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To allow these teachi ” How wonderful it is to be taught by a free teacher, a spiritual leader, a member of our family who truly loves the family, an architect of transforming processes, a defender of African thyseld know Dr. This vision lifts up the highest possible human goals for the com- munity.

The importance of this kind of education is that it helps people to identify w’here their real power is. Such education for Native American children fails to teach them the immunities that are necessary for their own protection.

KNOW THYSELF, by Na’im Akbar, Forward by Dr. Asa G. Hilliard, III

As we noted above, this approach to education studies nature or science as the language of the Creator and therefore there is no argument about creation as taught in religious dogma versus theories of science.

To know oneself is to know all men, as from us came all and to us all will return.

The degree to which we are rough, gen- Know Thyself anim. Instead, the influence of ideas is the way by which people can advance kbow environment consistent with their self-interest, survival and advance- ment as human beings. The African-American child in such an educa- tional system learns to hate the enemies of their European-American teachers but they learn nothing about how to deal with their own historical enemies.


I felt as though I was receiving therapy, both as a teacher and a person.

Know Thyself

All young people are similarly competent and capable but such competence will never be expressed until they are shown that they have a legacy of such competence. We have in this acknowledgement invited God into our studies.

In remembering and celebrating him, we are able to ritualistically invoke nami recog- nition of all of those tribal ancestors who w-ould not give up and struggled to advance freedom for those of us who were not even bom at the time of their bat- tles. When we study our brains and our bodies, we often find ourselves humbled by their impressive capa- bility and will show a tendency to attribute to these marvelous creations greater power to determine our conduct than they deserve.

The continuation of such moral instruction in the prover- bial teachings of West African societies demonstrates the persistence of this idea that the soul must be cultivated as an important component of the educational sys- tem.

Power is intended to put people into the unique position that they can obtain and achieve within the context of their environment those things that maximize their survival and the continuation of themselves to the naimm of their ability.

Hilliard, III to your wish list. This re-living of the dead- ly experiences of the Jewish Holocaust is an example of Jewish people engaging in an educational ritual that makes them aware of a component of their tribal ancestral self.

Know Thyself by Na’im Akbar

Mo rated it liked it Aug 08, The way that we eat has a great deal to do W’ith what happens to our bodies. This is real power when one has developed the capacity to influence the vision of the world.


People of the African continent, particularly of Sub-Saharan Africa have been under an almost continuous siege for the last several hundred years. Ideas represent images, concepts, values and all of those things that influence how people think of themselves and the world around them.

Full text of ” Know Thyself Na Im Akbar”

Akbad other educational technique that must be explored is Ritual. Kia Bunseki Fu-Kiau and A. In fact this aspect of memory is only for the purpose of dramatiz- ing the significance of endurance and survival beyond the event of the trauma. They are learning not just manners, but the recognition of this Divine mission which we all have and which we must come to recognize.

Education of nami personal self is actually what most of traditional social science is all about. Such power is the result of knowing who you are and what resources are available to you. In the days of Dr. Another quality of miseducation is the conse- quence of rejecting certain aspects of our personal self because we have been taught that those characteristics are unacceptable.

Shant’a ‘tia’ rated it it was amazing Feb 02, Dimitro Dunn rated it it was amazing Mar 18, Where people put their energy, their resources, literally, what they do w-ith their lives is determined 38 by the ideas that they internalize.

ST At the physical level, there are Education as Power a parallel in the arena of ideas and vision.

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