Getting Started with : Important Details. # Inheritance. Reference App; Welcome; Manage Things. Credits; Demo Mode. The stack versions provide + + + in a single file.

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Anyway, the success of production systems has more to do with the quality of the developer.

It’s hard enough to get corporate buy in on knockoutJS. I wouldn’t use it yet. PageNavigatorPanes ,nockback component provides a page navigator with history and optional transition animations. I really appreciate KnockOut too, because it can really be added gradually to an app without much assumptions nor getting in the way. In addition to adding a little structure to your application, if you are using Knockout.

Getting Started with Knockback.js: Knockback.js Important Details

It is meant for getting up and running quickly in non-require, ,nockback side versions if you use require, just require each module separately.

The docs and examples are unnecessarily complex, so I wrote a blog describing Knockback with some very simple examples and a JSFiddle to get you started. However backbone seems to be better adopted and more mature.

As someone unfamiliar with both of these some context would be very appreciated. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Backbone-Relational Backbone Associations new! However, it does mean that a lot of tutorials talk in different paradigms. Your voice will help us improve JavaScript. The documentation is good too.

But you have to do things like that, and Backbone doesn’t help the developer solving this ethical?


Is knockback the best of both? MarkRobinson – I think Mihai was referring to Knock back. Comes bundled with knockback-pane-navigator. If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help centerplease edit the question.

It does feel a bit like building a Frankenstein monster, sometimes, stitching together all these libraries. However, it’s not great at model form synchronization. Following MVVM principles where a ViewModel is the “View’s Model”, and therefore owns its own properties and methods which are then reflected in the View itself, Knockback ViewModels can add View setting and control properties, which are not and should not be!

You can find the source on Github.

Knockback uses Backbone’s models and collections, and this means that all the serialization features we all love are still there! Routing In Knockback, while using Knockout. This component provides a page navigator with history and optional transition animations.

The additional requirement with any large organization is supportability. Actual settings eg colors for different priorities in a task list to be lnockback on knockbacl the associated ViewModels, or The bloat of dependencies that comes with Knockback is pretty rough though, especially on mobile.

I fancy dipping my toes into a knockbxck framework, and being primarily a. Thank you for taking the time to package and release this!

Getting Started: Basics

I’ll see if I can find the original text tomorrow. Views Controllers Proper separation between: Adding Transition Animations You can provide transition animations either during routing assymetic reverse transitions will not work if the page can be reloaded or during button clicks.

Any update on this? So here it is FuzzyDunlop on Sept 2, As you probably know, Backbone is known to have a fantastic syncing system built as close as possible to the RESTful pattern.


It uses two conventions to provide the notifications:. ViewModels differ from Views exactly in this: I’ve tried both Knockout and Backbone with Circle https: In all honesty, I think that the way javascript apps are created needs to be rethought when you have to combine your MVCs with your MVVMs to change a View that’s somewhat like a Controller into a ViewModel that can maintain state and pass it to a View.

After a while, I found the view coding too slow so I wrote Mixin. They are platform-agnostic so you can even use them without using Knockback.


I’m excited to see where Ember. The fact that knockout will be included in MVC4 would suggest it is reaching maturity and has a strong level of momentum behind it.

Knockout knockbqck great kjockback syncing between the client and server, and does history and routing well. Therefore it is easily supportable think 5 years later. Then, I discovered Knockout and knew it was for me! By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Too often, in a large Backbone application you find yourself building up views with too much logic in them, almost always requiring sub-state management.

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