Kisscut: A Grant County Thriller (Grant County Thrillers) [Karin Slaughter] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Gillian Flynn says, “Karin. Kisscut is the second book in the Grant County series by author Karin Slaughter. It was originally released in hardback in The previous book in the series. Aptly named novelist Slaughter (Blindsighted) brings back her horribly KISSCUT. Karin Slaughter, Author. Morrow $ (p) ISBN

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Alas, I never was saved from any abuse.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The ending is even more unexpected than what I was expecting.

I have read some reviewers who have said that none of the main characters are “likeable. Sabrina Santangelo Cooley Yeah, basically. Sara and Jeffrey have tentatively resumed their romantic relationship when, on a hot August night during the summer following BlindsightedJeffrey is forced to shoot a year-old girl to stop her from killing karij teenager.

The confrontation sets into motion slaughtet complex investigation of a group of teens kiwscut Grant County.

When adults worked, they were in ‘entry level’ jobs forever. It is sickening and I wanted to find every single child slaugjter in the world and hurt them very badly and laugh at their anguish. I sure knew all about god’s hatred of females and society’s indifference to abuse of females, by this point. Jul 08, Ann Girdharry rated it really liked it Shelves: Three stars really doesn’t have me running to start the next book but I will. This was the hardest Slaughter book that I’ve read to date because it deals with child pornography and child abuse.


Eventually, the mouth would have learned to speak of something other than the horrors it spoke to Sara of now.

Loved re-reading this 2nd novel in her Grant County series! I think a lot of stuff happens naturally without people or a god having been instrumental. Kisscut is not for the fainthearted, graphic repulsive subject matter, very horrifying scenes of intense evil, and layer upon layer of deception.

When Jenny notices Jeffrey she tells him to either shoot her, or she will shoot Mark. For some reason, this irritated him more than anything else.

Book Review: Kisscut (Karin Slaughter) – Life of this city girl

If you are sensitive or triggered, I wouldn’t recommend reading this novel. Then a young girl is abducted, and it becomes clear that the first death is linked to an even more brutal crime, one far more shocking than anyone could have imagined. The crimes involved in Kisscut are perpetrated against children. Paperbackpages. But then comes the red herring, and the red herring is so obviously being set up slaguhter the bad guy that you’ve now got two equally slaughtef bad guys.

I think the last half was too over the top for me.

Book Review: Kisscut (Karin Slaughter)

Slaughter pulls no punches and spares no emotion but for me personally this lacked the gripping tension of Blindsighted as I had guessed the villains early as I am sure many readers would have done. Jeffrey is shattered and suffers from the knowledge that he shot a child. Faith had seven children who felt and feel she was a saint. Only AM ksscut stations operated – no FM or digital.


Second in the Grant County series, Kisscut kept me up over my weekend until I finished it, that is typical Karen Slaughter. Grant Country, Book 2 Author s: What is really going on between this group of teenagers? Lacey Patterson is abducted outside the clinic when she tries to tell Sara what is going on, and Mark soon thereafter tells Lena the horrific things he is being subjected to and then attempts suicide. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Lena starts asking if maybe Jennie was involved in some scandals at school, because her promiscuity had by then started to reach the ears of the police, and Dottie gets very angry.

Sara Linton, pediatrician and medical examiner in Heartsdale, Georgia, knows only too well the horrors that can hide behind closed doors in a small community. Views Read Edit View history. When I got married, my bank sent me a new credit card with only my husband’s name on it – my new ‘joint’ account. In this book it was a double whammy red-herring: He had widened his repertoire of punishments by then, so I got more than a kicking.

The undertone of violence is pervasive, even at quiet moments “Lena was able to pull her hand away, but not before she felt Grace’s thumb brush across the scar She felt guilty about not realizing it sooner what was happening to Jenny.

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