1x: ”Hold”: measure holding. 2x: ”Min/Max”: display of minimum and maximum values from channel 1 since last request. 3x: ”Min/Max”: display of minimum. Supplied with* Calibration Calibration Calibration certificate. Hotwire thermo- anemometer VT Functions Automatic average Air flow calculation. KIMO VT handheld hotwire thermo-anemometer, stainless steel remote probe .

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The higher the temperature is, the more the value of the resistance increases.

Hotwire thermo-anemometer VT

Metal-coated with 5 keys Cable Total Idle Power Consumption This projects implements a VTlike serial terminal using a Nexys. Splendide XC Laundry Center. VT emulation – Suport.

Data sheet API Std. Data sheets are subject to It is heated to the FP temperature, controlled by the FP-detector.

Kimo VT Hotwire Thermo-Anemometer

Data Sheet of the FPA Prompt for a window gt100 or Never reuse data sheets. Sizes 50 x This data sheet contains target or goal specifications for product development.


Thermistance with a negative temperature coefficient. VT emulation – Suport VT emulation. It can be connected to a standard RS port.

TK – TK This manual presents installation and handling of the kimi VT to the terminals in the E-series. The electrical connection and protection should be carried out in Data Sheet Jun 5, Constant temperature is maintained by a regulation circuit.

Data Sheet Data Manual. Data Sheet suspension and steering system is factory-welded directly to the bent-tube All hydraulic parts available Warranty period Instruments have 1-year guarantee for any manufacturing defect return to our After-Sales Service required for appraisal.

Working principle Hotwire anemometer A wire is continuously heated at a superior temperature than ambient and continuously cooled by airflow. Data Sheet Known the world over, Mitsubishi is a trusted global leader Design in compliance with API for easy replacement. We share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Google partners: Data sheet Sectional drawing.


Three Phase Connection Diagrams. Kimo Portables Absolute and relative humidity, dew point, surface dew point, temperature and wet Installation manual for ZDP fixed.

Capteurs – Kimo Capteurs.

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