Kevin Basconi certainly lives in the supernatural realms of God. He is known to bring Heaven to earth, and teaches many how to cooperate and. Kevin Basconi is an awesome man of God. I Love his books and his audio messages. Today. Kevin Basconi is an excellent teacher of the supernatural and of. How to Work with Angels in Your Life: The Reality of Angelic Ministry Today ( Angels in the Realms of Heaven, Book 2). Kevin Basconi. from: N/A.

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Suddenly the anointing and presence of the Lord intensified, and I found myself dressed.

King of Glory Ministries – Home

They live in the mountains of North Carolina where they pursue a lifestyle of intimacy and communion with Jesus. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. They will prophesy what they see. Remember, you can employ these simple keys and spiritual tools too.

On bascomi particular night, the Lord called me to prayer at 2 A.

However, I did understand that this angel had been working in Tanzania and had been on an important assignment. During this encounter, God birthed within me a holy passion and hunger to witness souls saved and people totally healed and delivered.

I knew that this angel was returning into the realms of Heaven, and that the assignment that it had been on had now been completed. They have a heart to share the gospel with the poor and, the Love of the Father to widows and orphans. I was awakened by the strong smell of frankincense. This increase of the Kingdom is available to jevin NOW! After a minute I was poked again, only this time the poke was accompanied with an audible voice!


As time passed, they became larger and more pronounced. Please try your request again later. I have worked to the best of my ability to record all of these events as accurately as possible.

She is in the kitchen. Suddenly, I was overwhelmed with a strange compulsion to watch for a long time as thousands upon thousands of tiny flakes fell through the bright sunbeam. It is time to be as luminous as Jesus in the heartlands of America! I saw several small angels that appeared to be young children.

I had only been asleep for a short while. The next thing I knew I was walking down the hallway toward the stairs.

Kevin Basconi Quotes (Author of Angels in the Realms of Heaven)

They will stand on the Word of God. This is a grace gift of the Holy Spirit. Remember a multitude of angels worshiped the Lord in Luke 2: I could no longer settle for bqsconi form of godliness. The other reason I was aware of time passing was that there began to be a steady stream of angels ascending and descending upon the Lord Jesus Christ.

Kevin Basconi: “Supernatural Synchronicity! This is a God Appointed Time for Revelation”

The Lord is going to open your eyes to see your angel again. I had no desire to go there, especially in the middle of the winter! Stars can clearly represent the Lord’s angels Revelation 1: Photo via Wikipedia In the vision, the state of Tennessee began to change into the image of the flag of Tennessee. The Holy Spirit was still hovering very close to me, and as soon as the door closed behind my host, the Lord began to speak to me.


It is an opportune time for individuals, for ministries, for regions and states to embrace the revival fires of God. On Saturday evening, the open heaven had grown to about a foot circumference. The Lord was revealing to me a prophetic picture of the brevity of our short lives on an eternal scale. They just may not be “politically correct”. God has released something into the great state of Tennessee and into the heartlands of America to burn with revival. Of course He was already aware of that, so I described how marvelous were the works of His hands and how utterly fantastic it was that each tiny snowflake was different.

These waves of glory actually moved me around on the floor in the natural like a tide would do on a beach on earth. The momentum of these meetings continued to build.

Kevin is an internationally published author, and award winning artist.

Jesus has given us a very clear pattern to follow; He modeled how to implement angelic ministry. Upon his belt were other weapons, including an ornate buckler and a smaller type of sword. What a time to be alive! There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

The Lord released the anointing similar to Acts 2: To Donate to Elijah List Ministries click here basfoni, or use this address below:.

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