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Biblioteczka przedszkolaka Julian Tuwim dzieciom Skakanka O by Tuwim, Julian | eBay

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Wiersze dla dzieci by Julian Tuwim. Wiersze dla dzieci by Julian Tuwim. Hardcoverpages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Dzirciom ask other readers questions about Wiersze dla dzieciplease sign up. Lists with This Book. May 20, Piet Michael rated it it was amazing Shelves: Idealny powrot w strony dzieciece, kiedy babcia czy mama czytaly przy lozku i kiedy naiwnie byles zdania, czlowieku przyszly, ze wszystko wyjdzie na dobre.

Feb 19, M. The three different translations of “Lokomotywa”: Szieciom big locomotive has pulled into town, Heavy, humungus, with sweat rolling down, A plump jumbo olive.

Polscy Poeci Dzieciom

Huffing and puffing and panting and smelly, Fire belches forth from her fat cast iron belly. Poof, how she’s burning, Oof, how she’s boiling, Puff, how she’s churning, Huff, how she’s toiling.

She’s fully exhausted and all out of breath, Yet the coalman continues to stoke her to death. Numerous wagons she tugs down the track: Iron and steel monsters hitched up to her back, All filled with people tuwi other things too: The first carries cattle, then horses not few; The third car with corpulent people is filled, Eating fat frankfurters all freshly grilled. The fourth car is packed to the hilt with bananas, The fifth has a cargo of six grand pi-an-as.

The sixth wagon carries a cannon of steel, With heavy iron girders beneath every wheel. The seventh has tables, oak cupboards with plates, While an elephant, bear, two giraffes fill the eighth.

Julian i Irena Tuwim dzieciom : Julian Tuwim :

The ninth contains nothing but well-fattened swine, In the tenth: There must be at least forty cars in a row, And what they all carry — I simply don’t know: But if one thousand athletes, with muscles of steel, Each ate one thousand cutlets in one giant meal, And each one exerted as much as he could, They’d never quite manage to lift such a load.


Steam is churning, Wheels are turning! More slowly – than turtles – with freight – on their – backs, The drowsy – steam engine – sets off – down the tracks. She chugs and she tugs at her wagons with strain, As wheel after wheel slowly turns on the train. She doubles her effort and quickens her pace, And rambles and scrambles to keep up the race.

Oh whither, oh whither? Keep up your tempo, now push along, push along, Chug along, tug along, tug along, chug along Lightly and sprightly she carries her freight Like a ping-pong ball bouncing without any weight, Not heavy equipment exhausted to death, But a little tin toy, just a light puff of breath.

Oh whither, oh whither, you’ll tell me, I trust, What is it, what is it that gives you your thrust? What gives you momentum to roll tuwi the track? It’s hot steam that gives me dziecom clickety-clack. Hot steam from the boiler through tubes to the pistons, The pistons then push at the wheels from short distance, They drive and they push, and the train starts a-swooshin’ ‘Cuz steam on the pistons keeps pushin’ and pushin’; The nulian start a rattlin’, clatterin’, chatterin’ Chug along, tug along, chug along, tug along!

It stands and wheezes, it groans and gnashes Its boiling belly stuffed with hot ashes: Phew, what a scorcher! The fourth was packed with crates of bananas.

The fifth one contained — six large grand pianos. In the sixth a large cannon, cor! Each of its wheels chocked up right proper! The seventh, oaken wardrobes and chairs. The eighth an dziecioom, giraffe and two bears. The ninth, fattened pigs — no spare spaces, The tenth full of trunks, baggage and cases, Wagons like these — another forty remain, Not even I could tell you what they contain. Wheels — in motion!

Slowly at first, like a tortoise just waking Strains the engine, every single joint aching. But it jerks at the wagons and pulls with great zeal, It turns, and it turns, wheel after wheel. It gathers momentum and takes up the chase As it thunders and hammers and speeds up the pace. From where dzleciom it, how does it, why does it rush? And what is it, who is it, gives it a push? That makes it go faster, all thrashing and hissing? Translation copyright Michael Dembinski 3. Stands at the station: It stands and it chugs, and shakes like a jelly, As fire explodes from its overheated dzjeciom Kaboom – how it screams!


Boom – tuiwm it sizzles! Puff – how it steams! Uff – how it fizzles! Now hardly a gasp, barely it breathes, Yet still-more coal the stoker into it feeds. Already connected and sealed, Big and heavy, made of iron or steel, And packed into each: And the fourth is filled with ripe bananas, And in the fifth are six pianos, In the sixth, a cannon rests! How huge it seems! tuim

Under every wheel a strong steel beam! But I know this: Suddenly — a whistle! Suddenly — a toot! First s l o w like a turtle drowsy she budged mechanical drudge julia the tracks she nudged half-sleeping. Just like a thoroughbred! Through forests, through tunnels, through mountains she climbs, And hurries, and hurries, to make it on time, Rocking and smacking and beating like so: Beat so so, beat so so, beat so so, beat so so, So smooth-like and lightly, simply spinning her wheels, More like a rubber ball than steel, Less heavy machine, breathless and panting, Than joyful, a toy, a trifle made of tin.

But how does dziecoom why does it from where does it come? And what is it who is it that pulls it along? As it speeds and it growls and it exhales explosions? guwim

The answer, of course: And the wheels, they beat just like so: Beat so so, beat so so, beat so so, beat so so! May 23, Monika rated it it was amazing Shelves: Fafson rated it liked it Jan 23, Tessa13 rated it it was juloan Sep 27, Helena rated it it was amazing Sep 18, Anakin Skywalker rated it it was amazing Dec 08, Katarzyna rated it liked it Aug 05, MJ rated it really liked it May 26, Bry rated it it was amazing Mar 30, Dominika rated it it was amazing Dec 18, Antosik rated it really liked it Apr 17, Gaba rated it it was amazing Aug 25, Monika rated it it was amazing Dec 24, Agata rated it liked it Juoian 24, Renata rated it it was amazing Aug 23, Marcin rated it it was amazing Nov 05, Agnieszka Kepinska rated it really liked it Aug 29, Monia rated it really liked it Oct 30, Ksyma rated it really liked it Oct 01,

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