Variation 8: Point = Go-no-go = Wu~wu~ Variation 9: Reducing against Choosing a joseki: Since josekis work effectively in a certain direction, examine. Welcome to the Joseki Dictionary. The dictionary will enable you to perform joseki (established sequences usually situated in the corner of the Go. Professionals often invent joseki in their games when the standard joseki are inappropriate. All this is very interesting but for the amateur Go player a subset of .

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It is also possible, although uncommon, to use jseki term joseki to refer to sequences whose outcome is not equal.

Sensei’s Library has a semi-comprehensive overview of joseki. With my move, opponent could get a good shape in sente. The joseki diagrams link to a complete overview of professional games in which this joseki was ojseki.

As far as I can see, the only way is to explore what happens if you do differently. The dictionary index is jseki as a large tree of continuations with top-level six main branches: This page was last edited on 4 Augustat There is no definitive guide to what is a joseki ; the situation with joseki dictionaries is similar to that of natural language dictionaries: Maybe a bad non-go analogy would be: This is from game between O Meien black and Takemia Masaki white.

Jōseki – Wikipedia

All this is very interesting but for the amateur Go player a subset of established and frequently occuring joseki is enough jooseki get started or even to become a 4 dan Go player. When to learn and how? The selection is not random but carefully chosen, a so called repertoire. If you know which joseki you are looking for, then you can use the position search page. This way you can deal with those who break joseki.


I recommend to check out this website similar to josekipedia to review a few basic josekis, with a brief description to the reasoning behind each move. But I am going to say that the number of josekis I know is not more than So I play around with the variation and after few minutes it is clear to me.

Joseki pages

A joseki may fall out of use for various reasons, some of which may often seem minor to the amateur player; professionals may consider one fo suboptimal jiseki a very specific reason — one which strong amateurs are not likely to exploit.

And when they deviate or play unusual variation it is good way of learning to try to understand why. Oops, This was a much longer answer that I thought it would be. However, this is a very challenging task, because it can be quite subtle why the outcome of a given joseki is better than some other outcome.

Retrieved from ” https: It is very well possible to play a Go game with the knowledge of only a subset of maybe 30 simple joseki variations. Which sequences are considered playable joseki has changed throughout history, owing to the effects of rule changes most notably komicontinued research from professional joseik and, most recently, from AI analysis.

In his book A Way of Play for the 21st CenturyGo Seigen compared choosing the proper joseki to choosing the proper medicine: Good shapes, taking sente, life and death, positional judgement etc.

The amount of joseki is enormous as you will notice while browsing through the overview below. Also I think it is very valuable to look how pros actually play joseki and how the play continues from them.


The correct joseki choice in a particular situation must be based on whole board thinking. The slight disadvantage of not knowing some joseki can be easily outweighed by everything else.

What this proverb warns against is memorising Joseki. Here is one interesting follow up joseki situation. For each choice always the considerations are given which leads to the particular choice.

I think at kyu level understanding purpose of moves moseki more important than memorizing joseki. Each joseki discussed in this overview contains an illustrative example from a professional game in which circumstances to apply the joseki. After push at triangle point white is not so good off.

I will put a simple joseki variation in our game. Chess Openings are the same every time and are pretty much always played in the same context. The term may also josemi used for sequences that occur in other parts of the board sides and center and at various stages in the game opening, middle and endalthough such usage is usually made using explicit wording, such as endgame joseki. I just got your challenge, Have a nice game! The concept of “balance”, here, often refers to an equitable trade-off between securing joseik in the corner versus making good thickness toward the sides and the center.

The Korean word, when written in hanjauses the same characters, and has the same semantics as the Japanese word. And when does memorizing specific Joseki become important to progress as a player?

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