by. Jáchym Topol, . Sestra je bez diskuzí román, ke kterému se člověk musí pročíst a především prožít. .. Sestra je totiž kniha, kterou chci mít po ruce pořád. jachym topol sestra. 2 likes. Book. jachym topol sestra. Privacy · Terms. About. jachym topol sestra. Book. 2 people like this topic. Want to like this Page?. Jáchym Topol () is often referred to as true modern European classic. when he made a devastating entrance with his first novel Sestra (City Sister Sliver).

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He has managed to preserve the speed of the narrative and kept the translation faithful to the original’s eccentricity and modernity.

City Sister Silver

A sprawling epic both exhilarating and insufferable. As one of the most powerful, and only, works of post writing to examine the conditions of the tumultuous transition period, the novel was a veritable blast onto the Czech literary scene. Jan Mucha rated it it was amazing Apr 14, City Sister Silver is volcanic: One facet of the group’s behavior is its members’ quasi-psychoanalytic dream analyses.

But worth it in the end. It is a truly breathtaking book. Paperbackpages. This is one of those books. These mythical elements, woven throughout the novel’s elaborate composition, are its most distinctive feature.

Sep 09, Margarita rated it it was amazing. I think you’d have to have been there at the time to understand that part. Book Group Lassie 1.

City Sister Silver by Jáchym Topol

The Czech cover The translation of the title itself is puzzling. Most of the book seemed like a messy dream sequence or bad trip, and the parts that did make sense were just disturbing. Bernhard Seliger East Sestrra Privatisation. He was also a signatory of the Charter 77 human rights declaration.

I can tell its a good book During the course of Sestrathe dreams of most of the sestar characters are told. City Sister Silver is a one-of-a-kind response to the debate on whether and how it is possible to portray present-day reality in literature and art.


I am not good at doing reviews. There’s some social commentary, the most interesting being the various attempts at Capitalism and Westernisation that both Potok and his friends and others attempt throughout the book.

I knew what was going on but I felt lost and confused at the same time. Except he searches for meaning by running dodgy trades jacbym the Far East, drinking too much, taking a truck load of hallucinogens, and then talking to his friends about th Man, was I glad to put this book down!

After the first few pages of the novel, when he’s aware of the Germans being shipped off, the dreams are really the only hint that any of the characters have any kind of social conscience, but the trip they take to Auschwitz in one of these dreams is painfully done and heavy handed.

Eventually though, his drinking leads to his loss of Sister, and he runs away and spends time on a farm, on a dump, and eventually back in the City, where he meets up with some of his old friends and finds they’re just as messed up as he is.

Topol’s language is dense and apocalyptic, but his influences and intellectual fetishes Vonnegut, Burroughs, Native American lore should connect with American readers. The language of Sestra is its most interesting aspect, and it is here that the issue of translation comes to the fore.

The first part was the hardest to follow. Sometimes the whole ” books” thing leads somewhere I’d rather not be. See the review excerpts and excerpts from the book itself to get a more concrete idea of what City Sister Silver is all about.

And then time explodes. The novel is full of storytelling, myths, dreams and nightmares, shifting through a variety of genres. However, Potok is less interested in business than in finding his soulmate, his Sister, creating a dizzying plot that blurs the storyline as much as the title in the cover. The book’s most captivating sections, delivered with spontaneous energy and confidence, are actually the digressions — poems in prose, near-mystical visions — while the text of the main story line is constructed in a highly refined manner, a textbook example of literature.


The last two hundred pages are an exercise in endurance and patience, the style having exhausted itself and peaked in earlier chapters. Thanks for telling us about the problem. A rare language The language of Sestra is its most interesting aspect, and it is here that the issue of translation comes to the fore. The number of people who travelled into the west as soon as they could, and Topol’s description of the chaos.

They observe strict tribal codes of conduct and interrelation.

The hero passes through all sorts of fantastical situations: City Sister Silver sdstra an opportunity to examine both our language and the values of our society. The story is narrated by a young tipol named Potok as he drifts through a soon-to-be Czech Republic that has just thrown off communism and has yet to re-orient itself. There’s so much flavor and so many different notes.

A series of complicated events – guns, betrayal, organized crime, Laotians – leaves Potok stranded in a backwater full Deliverance -style hillbillies. City Sister Silver marks a turning point in Czech prose, the point when literary development must finally break away and, after all the fatiguing twists and turns and subtle departures, strike out in a definite direction.

Had to concentrate to make sense seestra this. Set in the Czech Republic just after the Germans have left, it’s about Potok, and his search for meaning to his life in this new style of country.

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