Iolanthe; or, The Peer and the Peri is a comic opera with music by Arthur Sullivan and libretto by W. S. Gilbert. It is one of the Savoy operas and is the seventh of. : Gilbert & Sullivan – Iolanthe / Forrester, Donkin, Stratford Festival: Maureen Forrester, Eric Donkin, Marie Baron, Paul Massel, Katharina Megli. Iolanthe. Brenda’s modified script. Iolanthe, or Oilanthe. MIDI Files. Click on one of them and it should start playing. These are the original titles, not Brenda’s.

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This is what it is to have two capacities. The highest ranking character in Iolanthe is not the Lord Chancellor but the Fairy Queen, a thinly disguised lampoon of Queen Victoria.

Scropt the Lord Chancellor, followed by his train-bearer. Had that refreshment been denied, jnueh moved. The peers scoff at the seemingly absurd claim that Iolanthe is Strephon’s mother as Strephon pleads: I feel the force of your remarks, but I cannot 39 make up my mind to apply to myself again.

Wikisource has original text related to this article: But no one yet in the world so wide Has yielded up a promised bride. Well, I will nerve my- self to another effort, and if that fails I resign myself to my fate. No consideration shall induce me to raise my hand against Thomas. The political party system and other institutions also come in for a dose of satire. With joy beyond telling My bosom is swelling.


He worships another — Streph. Come to our call, lolanthe! I To 70U I give xny heart so rich. Eventually, after a severe struggle with myself, I reluctantly, most reluctantly, consented.

Offended, the Fairy Queen pronounces a magical “sentence” upon the peers: DVD’s of most shows are available for you to view and use as inspiration for your own Production.

Iolanthe: ‘It deserves to be as fruity as we can possibly make it’

It’s only two, and I hate ’em! An illustrated booklet, A Parody on Iolanthewas written and published by D. The Lord Chancellor is amazed to see her alive, but Iolanthe has again broken fairy law, and the Fairy Queen is now left with no choice but to punish Iolanthe with death “It may not be Phyllis does not know that Strephon is half fairy his upper half — his legs are mortal!

Well, ma’am, I don’t think much of the British soldier who wouldn’t ill-convenience himself to save a female in distress. But why did’nt you tell me this before? My answer is no.


Iolanthe – Wikipedia

This lady’s my mother. Strephon approaches the Lord Chancellor, pleading that Nature bids him marry Phyllis. Her punishment has been heavier thai I intended. Good-morrow, good lover ; Good lover, good-morrow!

Ah cruel ones, to part two faithful lovers from each other!

Iolanthe by W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan

Learn thou that Phyllis is my promised bride I lo. I’m one of them. The Queen raises her spear. My lord, I desire, on the part of this House, to 12 express its sincere sympathy with your lordship’s scropt painfiil position. BBC, 20 September I should be very sad at first — oh! Twenty-five years later, at the start of the show, the fairies still miss Iolanthe deeply and convince the Fairy Scrpt to allow her to return.

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