The hexagonal beam (or known by many as the hex beam) has become a wildly popular antenna. It is a directional antenna that provides great performance and . One Station Steve DL1YAL, gave me the link to EA4CYQ Juan’s website showing his impressive SAT antenna the IOIo. The site contains. Na de MOXON antenne toch maar de CJU antenne gemaakt. Deze werkt zeer leuk, en zeer makkelijk te bouwen en licht in gewicht en.

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All of them require skill and knowledge. Nick rummaged around in the garage and came up with a piece of scrap sheet copper.

Setup for Ham Radio Satellite Communication: The reflected element is just a straight rod, Amateur Radio Field Day June 16, No comments.

I installed it on a tubular mast of 5 feet and aimed it N. Rather than taking one 36″ rod and adding 3. I was thinking about adding some directors to an io and see that you have done that.

Je reageert onder je WordPress. We flipped the rod around and went a little easier on it for the second try, and it worked perfectly. Start marking the element holes on the wooden boom with the distance given in the design with tape measurement and marker.

What would you recommend? How all of us know the difficult thing is to receive the downlink because the satellites usually transmit with power out between 50mWatts and mWatts with changing polarization and up to Km far away. I await my next project whilst playing some more Ham Radio! Share The IOio Antenna Share this link with your friends, publish within popular social networks or send it via email.

This antenna has a bit less gain than the seven elements Arrow antenna because the IOio antenna is equivalent to a four elements yagui antenna, but we have experienced that it has enough gain to receive the satellites comfortably. Then cut your driven element to length, November 09, No comments. Take two more 36″ rods and cut We must take a lime flower tee before pushing the PTT the first time, because when we listen to our self modulation you will get nervous and you will not be able to say your locator and report signal properly which are the minimal dates to validate the contact.


It works the best out of all of the previous experiments. The reflected element needs to be In order for them to get a solid hold on the PVC, I used a pair of vise grips to lightly squeeze the pipe while I tightened the collars. The braid of this coax turned out to be aluminum, so it wouldn’t solder to the copper of the elements. I have found it to be the best comprimise without a rotator. Lengths of elements “front to back”: The MHz elements are harder to make, as both are longer than 36″, and so will need to be made from two pieces of rod soldered together.

Would you go that route again given your experience? Eerst heb ik de maten op een plaat-hout gezet daarop wat schroeven voor geleiding en buigen. I see that is your preference at 30 degrees. Next step is to make elements and loops for IOIO antenna.

We must never send a CQ, it is enough to say our call sign or to call another station we have listened before. The first thing we needed was something to use for the elements. We must give other hams the opportunity to make more contacts. Yep It works great Now its all weather Proofed: EA4CYQ’s instructions are a little light on details about what materials he used.

Building an IOio satellite antenna

I was very impressed and wanted to experiment further, so I decided to try a slight change by changing the polarisation on MHz, making the antenna X shape. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The steel will bend, but hold its shape better than solid copper, yet the copper outside will be a snap to solder to!

For the elements he just mentions “steely wire. I haven’t had a chance to take it outside for a full horizon-to-horizon test, but hopefully I will soon.


IOio Antenna | Antennas and towers for Radio | Pinterest | Ham radio antenna, Ham radio and Ham

The center pin soldered up with no issues. Proudly powered by WordPress. You don’t want crooked elements later.

We can not expect to hear it clearly, we will have to make an effort to pick the modulation up from the noise and we must add that we have to change the polarization and the frequency to face to the Doppler effect.

Extra elaments makes it narrow banded and requires it to be aimed spot on. He wanted something that was “two-dimensional” instead of “three-dimensional” the Arrow is a pair of yagis at 90 degrees to each otherlightweight, and somewhat collapsible. Dus was ik snel klaar. I would not be able to say which system works better, the only difference is being sitting in the driver seat antennz in anyenna shack.

Kuldeep Choudhary 4 March at I only had one piece of scrap Ioi coax handy left behind by a cable TV installerso we decided to solder that to the MHz element temporarily, so we could test it and I could use it t o practice listening to the sats.

When I told Pedro what kind of stuff I have used to build the ilio we were burst out laughing for a while and he quickly baptized the antenna as the Canary Jail Umbrella antenna in relation to the stuff it was built. This way of working have given us a impressive outcome even with SSB LEO satellites, but I will not speak about them to clarify the article.

See my complete profile. With this article I will try to do the task of working under portable conditions easier. These were easy enough, since both are shorter than 36″, so they could be made out of one rod each.

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