As in the previous example, this implementation includes separate databases for storing the DeepSee cache, DeepSee implementation and settings, and. Tutorials for Caché topics, including Caché Basic, Caché ObjectScript, Web application development, Caché with Java, and XML. Applies to Caché & Ensemble. Overview of the Caché Object Data Model and Object Programming Caché comes with several built-in scripting languages: Caché ObjectScript, a powerful yet.

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Use Cache’ Basic if you don’t like M language for some reason. Flexible data modeling able to easily duplicate the features of RDBMS, key value, columnar, document, and intersystens architectures. A version known as GT. The VA had written VistA, their integrated hospital system that has been keeping patient records for nearly interwystems years comeit will be 40 years. The power of it is that the end user can direct the way that information is collected and displayed and what information needs to be added.

MUMPS – The Most Important Database You (Probably) Never Heard Of

Add Videos View All. I can advise that the new code editor is an improvement intersyetems the older in that the syntax highlighting is no longer so slow that it grinds your system to a halt.

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Plus the requirement to have technical people who understand both systems to keep them in synch. Although the language has been criticized as archaic, modern users compare it favorably to Python.


Cachs the blazing speed that the zealots like to preach about? Then they have the hide to go and boast about their database technology With the error message “it’s wrong”.

Reply Quote 0 N. Doesn’t surprise me that all of you work at hospitals MUMPS was developed at a hospital, hence the name.

ObjectScript Tutorial – Caché & Ensemble

It’s not enough to add something called ‘class’ and then be done. I even had the ‘pleasure’ of going to one of the sales spiels on the ‘new’ Cache with all its OO features and so on I just got a link to this book from O’Reilly, and I can’t believe someone actually would do this Reply Quote 0 R. Having a 40 year old dinosaur in the organization process block diagram just can’t be tutoial for progress, it just can’t Tutorila when you go into a hospital and the anesthetist offers you the year old anesthetic or the new one that’s only been tried on one patient before you, which one do you choose?

Just don’t let Intersystems hear you call it that. Yeah, I can just imagine why IBM supports it stodgy old firm stuck in the 50s when it was at the height of its power.

What the Daily WTF?

Extremely simple to administer requiring essentially no DBAs. Great way to piss off clients. It’s days like today that make me wonder if, like Peter Gibbons, I would be happier outside, cleaning up the debris from the fire at the Old Initech Place.


MUMPS has been intersgstems for over 50 years. And as in any other language, a competent, disciplined programmer can write very clear maintainable code. Despite the fact that represents its 50 th anniversary the original design basics of MUMPS are still meeting commercial needs today and show little evidence of being displaced in healthcare or large financial institutions by either RDBMS or NoSQL.

gutorial Really slow queries when compared with any variant of SQL I have used, data I expect in sub seconds can take minutes! WTF any intersystesm I want to do something is just annoying, and then there’s the fact that they tied it onto a database engine. Indeed, criticisms of Mumps as a technology always relate to the language. It’s considered a model for current efforts to create a nationwide medical health records network.

Reply Quote 0 C. The beauty of MUMPS is that there is no pre-allocation of anything in this language and it sorts very quickly and is easy to use to establish lists on an ad hoc basis. The relationships are hierarchical.

But this isn’t like your ordinary Microsoft bashing. M DevOps is the GT. I’m sure the executives love pretending they are living in the good old days before the PC Revolution that started hammering nails in their coffin.

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