paragraphe suivant Riemann écrit l’intégrale curviligne de manière plus .. La démonstration reprend la méthode proposée par Dirichlet dans ses cours, inédits . All of Bessel’s functions of the first kind and of integral orders occur in a paper . of H. Resal of the Polytechnic School in Paris, Cours d’ Astronomie de .. Sur les coordonnées curvilignes et leurs diverses applications; Sur la.

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One work after another was mastered by him, unaided, during the hours snatched from sleep. Weber’s chief researches were on electrodynamics. A clear conception of the nature of rotary motion was conveyed by Poinsot’s elegant geometrical representation by means of an ellipsoid rolling on a certain fixed plane.

He corrected the theory of flexure by dours consideration of slide, the theory of elastic rods of double curvature by the introduction of the third moment, and the theory of torsion by the discovery of the distortion of the primitively plane section.

Though the importance of his work was emphasised by B. Not only are scientists still divided into two schools of “rari-constancy” and “multi-constancy,” but difference of opinion exists courw other vital questions. Most of Heaviside’s papers have been published since ; they cover a wide field.

Les formes exactes ont une autre application anticipant sur le chapitre suivant: Important new points of view have been introduced recently by Helmholtz, who concludes that when two air currents blow one above the other in different directions, a system of air waves must arise in the same way as waves are formed on the sea. Valuable graphic methods for the study of thermodynamic relations were devised in — by J. Dans le second cas, une question naturelle est alors la suivante: These labours led to the abandonment of the corpuscular theory of heat.


Si x x et y y integgrale une limite finie, on peut curvipigne la courbe. Then came the researches of Sir William Rowan Hamilton.

The first to apply the potential function to other than gravitation problems was George Green — Earnshaw inthen by Stokes; but the first sound approximate theory was given by J. The determination of the period of oscillation of a rotating liquid spheroid has important bearings on the question of the origin of the moon.

The great principle of the conservation of energy was established by Robert Mayer —a physician in Heilbronn, and iintegrale independently by Colding of Copenhagen, Joule, and Helmholtz. Arago was the first cpurs convert made by Fresnel. The mechanism of these rings was investigated by James Clerk Maxwell in an essay to which cudviligne Adams prize was awarded. He was born in at Belfast, Ireland, but is of Scotch descent.

The vortex-atom theory is discussed by J. As early as Thomson discovered the law of the dissipation of energy, deduced at a later period also by Clausius. None of the fundamental assumptions in the kinetic theory of gases leads by the laws of probability to results in very close agreement with observation.

Green was a self-educated man who started out as a baker, and at his death was fellow of Caius College, Cambridge. All of Bessel’s functions of the first kind and of integral orders occur in a paper by Euler on the vibration of a stretched elastic membrane.

Espyfollowed by researches of W. Kelland for a channel of any uniform section.

Courbes paramétriques et équations différentielles pour la physique (Mat307-ex237)

By their opposition Fresnel was spurred to greater exertion. Anger of Danzig, 0. If the earth is a solid, then its elasticity co-operates with gravity in opposing integrle due to the attraction of the sun and moon.


Maxwell predicted that so long as Boyle’s law is true, the coefficient of viscosity and the coefficient of thermal conductivity remain independent of the pressure. On peut encore citer: He was born in Fulton County, Pa.

In the wave-theory, as taught by Green and others, the luminiferous ether was an incompressible elastic solid, for the reason that fluids could not propagate transverse vibrations. Particular mention may be made of his discussion of the disturbance produced by a spherical obstacle on the waves of sound, and of phenomena, such as sensitive flames, connected with the instability of jets of fluid. Prominent among the successors of Laplace are the following: Pour visualiser que les cercles sont inclus les uns dans les autres, initialiser L: The distribution of static electricity on conductors had been studied before this mainly by Poisson and Plana.

Courbes paramétriques et équations différentielles pour la physique (Matex)

Stokes remarked, however, that the ether might act like a fluid in case of finite disturbances, and like an elastic solid in case of the infinitesimal disturbances in light propagation.

Rowland made some emendations on Stokes’ paper on diffraction and considered the propagation of an arbitrary electro-magnetic disturbance and spherical waves of light. The founders of the kinetic theory had assumed the molecules of a gas to be hard elastic spheres; but Maxwell, in his second presentation of the theory inwent on the assumption that the molecules behave like centres of forces.

The problems there arising are often complicated by the presence of friction.

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