Model name, IC-PCR Download Type, Control Software. Version, none. Update, /–/ Note. Control Software OS; Windows® 98 / 98SE / ME / / XP. Find great deals for Icom Ic-pcr Wideband Communications Receiver for Computer 10khz to MHz. Shop with confidence on eBay!. IC-PCR Icom IC-PCR Screen shot 1. Screen shot 2. This page lists links, related pages and software support for the Icom PCR receiver.

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New to Ic-pcr100 Radio? Questo, unito alla piacevolezza di fare un lento scan della gamma ruotando comodamente la rotellina del mouse, sono le cose che rendono questa radio unica.

The box itself looks to have been designed with some sort of military application in mind. I think this may be borne out by Icom’s stupidity to release the command set to would be programmers. I believe this box to be able to do much much more than is currently on offer through ic-pr1000 software on the web. I have to agree with a number of the reviews already written about the PCR, the original v1. However a newer version of the software was released recently to allow people with more modern MS operating systems a chance to play.

TalkPCR I have to say is the much better version of software that is in almost daily use here at home. Although it may not be a specialised as one or two of the competitors, it is cheap and flexible ic-;cr1000 to give a good overall performance.

The receiver itself does suffer from the temperature problem described in other reviews, however you could remove this problem by drilling a few holes in the case and fitting a micro fan to disipate the heat out from the box. The DSP card is so simple to install a child of 3 could do it with ease.

The functionality of the DSP card is excellent reducing noise and pulling those really hard to hear signals out of the noise. Put icim the PCR is an excellent all round receiver that offers more features than the rest for less, and given good programming skills I believe that there may be many more features available yet!

Something I could take icoj me if need to be. On HF it was hard to judge. The broadcast stations seem to come in ok but for utility listening it didn’t perform as well as my Drake R8B HF receiver but that isn’t a fair comparsion since they are in a different class.

I did have some computer noise problems at first but a lot of them went way after I put a choke on the external speaker leadn-in and moved a different antenna that was farther away from the computer. My biggest disappointment at first was the choice of software. They them seem to be a poor choice for scanning. I tried them all. They seemed to be aimed at HF listening. The software has some great advanced scanning features like “TacScan”, “Hyperbanks”, “Smartbanks”, searching, great frequency management and logging features.

It can scan faster and lock onto tones faster then any other PCR software out there. I’m thinking of taking it iic-pcr1000 the next hamfest and seem how many different simplex frequencies it will log.


This setup combo would be a great monitoring tool for emergencies and drills. More information on Probe1K can be found at http: More information on TalkPCR is at http: The radio can’t be judge on just the radio since you need software to control it. It goes to show that software can change a rating and functionality of a radio. It can’t begin to compare to a quality dedicated rcvr, but it does what it was designed to do and does it well.

I’m using a Diamond Discone and I’ve got all ic-pccr1000 of great listening. I’m not sure why the other reviewers I’ve read are so displeased. I think Icom has done a fine job. Loads of features even in the cheap software.

Click, click I seperate out what sounds interesting. The PCR has loads of devoted fans, except here. I’m glad I went with my gut. The HF Reception is on the poor side. I have a Kenwood S sitting a few feet away and put an antenna switch box where I could connect various antenna back and forth between the and the Pcr The isnt exactly the greatest thing in the world for ALL band listening but it is better than fair.

I rechecked connections and jumpers and all tested OK. My Radio Shack DX has better sensitivity. Grounding does nothing to help QRN. I use a discone but this defeats the purpose of having “Good” antennas up on the roof and limits the receive capabilities to that iic-pcr1000 a discone.

Having only one antenna connection for such a wideband radio is no less than a sin. Diplexers and such are needed if one does not like continuously changing antennas. I didnt do anything out of the ordinary to cause eprom erasure or modification If you buy one dont even think of running it until you back up your eprom.

Each radio has it’s own eprom addresses so dont try using a backup from another PCR The software available is “Fair” at best.

Icom Ic-pcr1000 Wideband Communications Receiver for Computer 10khz to 1300 MHz

Each different program has a few neat little options which will keep you interested for a day or two This rcvr is not meant to compete with an R; it icm unique in its own right and priced accordingly. On the plus side: The visualization of the radio and its features on the monitor is a pleasure to use. I found the rcvr adequate in sensitivity on HF; you are not going to chase DX with this thing but 40M listening was good.

Audio is good but you must run the system ci-pcr1000 a seperate powered speaker system. Will not receive SSB if the band scope is being used. Lack of RF ic-pcr100 results in overload ICOM probably should not have ic-pvr1000 an antenna at all with the system; it really needs an external if not outdoor antenna.

Overall, having this radio and its flexibility on your computer screen is unique and using an outboard powered speaker will provide many hours of listening pleasure.

Thank you for reading. But when it’s bad, it’s horrid.

I find that this one’s a specialist rig, showing it’s finest qualities in some jobs, and giving you the Fickle Finger in others! I heartily echo the comments of a previous reviewer about the antenna Icom includes in the package I get the impression it was something that Icom had lying around the warehouse that they wanted to get rid of! On the other hand, if you connect a REAL antenna to this critter, batten down the hatches!


Something that provides a REAL signal to this rig, like an 80 metre dipole, is going to send the front end into absolute conniption fits on HF Thank Gawd for the internal attenuator I can only excuse this faux pas because the radio covers such a wide frequency range that compromises had to be made.

On LF and the AM broadcast band performance is competent, but nothing to rave about. Besides that, being computer controlled with essentially unlimited channels, it’s a quite useful tool for serious scanning nuts. The bandscope function in the software is very useful here too. One place where I found the PCR to be a standout performer is in chasing weather satellites. Running the stock software under Windows 95 I’ve had a few problems with it.

There is a form of lockup that occasionally happens in ic-cr1000 the computer serial port apparently stops talking to the radio, and it sits there mute. The computer itself is still completely operational, and it can be easily steered into a controlled shutdown. The only cure for this one is to shut things down and start over again. Make no mistake about it A whole lot hotter than I’d expected it to. Overall tho it doesn’t seem to be too much ic-pxr1000 a problem.

I recently added the DSP module to the rig, but haven’t yet had much opportunity to play with it.

All I can tell you at this point is that despite what Icom’s web site says, installation ic-pcg1000 difficult. IMHO, if you have to take the radio to an Icom shop to have it put in, you might as well turn in your ham license!!! Despite the shortcomings tho, I rather like the PCR PC based receivers are a new area for amateur and SWL use, and I imagine the problems with this first generation gear will eventually be resolved.

With only a few things to bitch about.

Icom Ic-pcr Wideband Communications Receiver for Computer 10khz to MHz | eBay

I have had it 4 plus years. The oscillator is quite oc-pcr1000 and you can set your signal generator quickly to the desired frequency by zero beating in the LSB position.

If your need is for short wave listening, I would not recommend it as it easily gets overloaded on strong signals and there is virtually no way to reject unwanted signals.

Contact the site with comments or questions. Email Subscription You are not subscribed to this review. My Subscriptions Subscriptions Help. I have owned the PCR for nearly 2. Last fall I picked up a PCR blackbox receiver.

IC-PCR1000 Downloads

I have the dsp module installed, a Radio Shack Discone antenna about 25′ in the air and I can listen i-pcr1000 anything I want short wave, music, news, utilities, ham radio. I have had this receiver for two nights. Have had mine for a few months. It works fine as a test instrument for tuning up receivers.

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