This manual contains information relating to the installation, operation, performance testing, calibration, and service of the HP A Multimeter. The information. The HP A has seven functions with 3% to 6% digits of resolu- tion, extendable to 7% .. (). Opt Extra Operating and Service Manual. +$ Hp A Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hp A Operating Instructions Manual, Service Manual.

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RMS noise data measurements Note, that on low voltage ranges 0. We sincerely promise to do better next time.

Ac Voltage Function Hmm, hold on a moment? In no event shall the author, xDevs. Capacitors used for stability compensation I used middle sweet spot device for replacement Q Data from specs for 24 hour and 90 day period was used.

Web-interface for access mirrored on this page. Much more important fact is, that display is now visible and usable at night time.

File:HP 3457A operating manual.pdf

Everything else, like charge rate switches, counters and control logic integrated on U hybrid ASICor mahual auxilary roles reset comparator Ua, switches.

Now disconnect one of grounding wires, that connect top shield screen to bottom.


Also this unit has least weight in class, due to use of plastic instead of metal as covers material. Remaining two LED s had current limited by inline resistor, insulated and hidden by thermal-shrink tube.

A Digital Multimeter [Obsolete] | Keysight (formerly Agilent’s Electronic Measurement)

That mean each modification test is full reassembly, few hours warmup and then multiple hours for datalogging each low range separately! Replacement Q matching One kind person my kind regards presented me with thin copper foil with adhesive layer.

Backlight boards with LED diodes installed on mount frame to position light for the edge of display glass. How did that happened? Redistribution and use hp347a this article or any images or files referenced in it, in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:. This means that disassembly and cover removals not required for adjustment and calibration with few exceptions, covered later.

| Tweaks and mods for HP A digit DMM

This module even have same HP part number. So I got idea to prevent running this procedure for intermediate testing. Different non-modified HP A performance test, as received, 4-wire resistance function.

Mwnual too good to be true? Many of inteface and overall design ideas in this meter are used as a base for later HP A monsters. Worth to note, that this operational amplifier must be stable with both high and low mnaual, and as we will see later, most troublesome range for stability is 3 V. Table of contents Table Of Contents Carefully insert isolated flat screwdriver to fit the pot port.


HP A rear view on modified screen Result at night. Would require modification of the chassis.

3457A Digital Multimeter

That makes possibility of rear back-light impossible. So main interest go to other possible noise sources. Make sure total height of the component in board is not taller then 12 mm, as there is AC module PCBA above the circuitry here. Details and modifications were tested on actual single HP A unit, and may or may not work in your particular instrument.

Hope this can be helpful for other HP A owners. Wiring Block Preparation Analog Devices ADA Options And Mabual I had no problems with self-test, as I had calibrated the balance during initial repairs and troubleshooting in meter, before any modifications.

Don’t have an account? Final test data rainbow with all tested FET s:

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