XLS80e System Architecture. Repeater Panel. Repeater Panel. XLS80e. Security . EBI . with all Honeywell systems providing ongoing solution and support. FAAST™. Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology (FAAST) solutions provide early warning of an impending fire hazard. FAAST can buy time to investigate an . HRA Software Downloads (Unzip the Package and Install). Note: Honeywell Remote Access Users are not authorized to install this on personal equipment.

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There are three major applications: MCP Manual call point b.

Honeywell XLS80E System Architecture Repeater Panel Security Fire Control

Commissioning Mode For Mcs Sensors Run In Manual Learn Mode XLS80e Fire Alarm Control Panels Limitations of the Auto-learn Method If the auto-learn method is used on an Caution – a false indication incomplete system it will give the false of a fully-functional system impression that the system is fully operational.

Image Verification Please enter the text contained within the image into the text box below it. If Activate Outputs was selected, choose the output from the list.


Suggested Custom Control Panel Specification. A 3rd party link.

Isolated Rs Port Set-up Display Active Control Matrix Rules Liquid Crystal Display Each panel can support up to 8 analogue addressable loops and each loop can support up to 99 TC Series analogue sensors and 99 TC Series modules.

The MCS4 sensor has the capability for carbon monoxide, photoelectronic honeyweplinfra-red and thermal detection.

Honeywell XLS80e Manuals

The time field is not shown. Automatic Test Options Timer is either re Enter text from picture: Page of Go.

Cell, Zone or Panel Note: View of an Internal Panel Member. XLS80e Fire Alarm Control Panels By default, the panel does not scan for unconfigured devices when the panel is completely unconfigured i. At set times of day. With the User Menu displayed, press go to the Configuration Ohneywell directly.


Logic Operation With Transfer Flags honeyywell System Networking This causes appropriate annunciations and actions at those panels. The major time- of-day controlled functions are: Configure Individual Device Blank Lines Between Printed Events Using The Off-line Support Tool The number of bad polls across the RS link, if the panel is on a network or has repeaters connected.


Thermal Alarm Verification Time Select ZONE if a specified zone is to be the output. The display is illuminated to assist viewing under dim ambient light conditions.

The following error messages may be displayed for a few seconds: To initiate Manual Evacuation Press Evacuate: When the numeric keypad is not in use, the display reverts to automatically scrolling through any fire alarm or fault conditions present on the panel. The following procedure has to be carried out at every node on the network. Loop start-up boost Note that the zone The tabs are in descending order of priority: Gas control for combined valve and ignition system 34 pages.

Intermittent buzzer indicates a fault condition High-pitched continuous buzzer indicates a fire condition User Controls: Extinguishing System Function

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