The video explains and elaborates How to download HKSI LE Paper 1,2,3,5,6,7, 8,9,11,12 Study Manual. When I took it I used Kaplan’s online study guide. It was very helpful and much easier to get into than the official notes, which I found very dull. Answers and references provided for candidates to refer to the HKSI LE Paper 1 study manual provided by the Hong Kong Securities and.

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Section 10 D C A merit-based philosophy- it is assumed studdy maximum disclosure is required to protect investors, but there QID is obligation on the apart of the participants to take responsibility for using the full information to make their Answer own independent investment decisions.

Just passed the exam today! Borrower Section 1 III.

How to download HKSI LE Paper 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,11,12 Study Manual?

Hot 1 A Merit-Based, meaning that the regulations are designed to diminish and eliminate unfavourable investment Topic products or schemes. Don’t have time to xtudy after work? The number of exchanges decreased II. Attacks on the local currency by international operators. Hot 1 B A risk-based philosophy- it is assumed that maximum disclosure is required to protect investors, but there is Topic 1 obligation on the part of the participants to take responsibility for using the full information to make their Chapter 11 own independent investment decisions.

Thanks mainly to you guys.


HKSI LE Paper 1 Pass Paper Question Bank (QB) Pages 1 – 10 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Answer A C Hear appeals against the decisions made by the SFC relating to the licensing or registration of intermediaries Hot 1 hksu certain other matters. Suggested by the Davison Committee, there is only one regulator for the Securities and Banking Indsutry. D F ree-Based, meaning that the regulations are designed to provide the greatest freedom to investors investing Answer C Hot in Hong Kong.

Fund Managers Chapter 1 II.

D The regulatory body has full discretion in determining all administrative matters. Chapter 1 Section Which system or philosophy of regulations is adopted by the SFC to regulate securities and futures markets? You should extend this platform to other tests! Questions are classified and ranked by chapters for higher efficiency learning. A Require the SFC to provide him with information on the principles, Chapter 2 practices and policy it is applying in order to meet its objectives and perform its functions.

Protect the interest of insurance policies holder II.

HKSI Diploma Programme Examination Paper 1 Study Manual – Ying-foon Chow – Google Books

The flows of funds in and out of the financial centre by fund managers. Hot C The regulatory body will hire government employees as short-term contract staff to meet regulatory needs.

QIDC Mr Chan provides a loan to his sister in law and charges interests that’s far lower than the benchmark lending Answer rate at maual.

Questions in this site are designed by finance professionals who have passed the exam. Just took the exam and found it incredibly comfortable. With our Online Study Module, you can go through the exam material at a much faster pace!


I will definitely recommend my colleagues who are doing this exam in the coming months. Employment opportunities for professional locals hisi overseas III. Chapter 1 A Led by the Financial Secretary, the Financial Secretary has effective overall authority over the regulatory Section 16 bodies.

Should you need to buy this product, please visit mankal. I think I studied for less than a total of 20 hours! Employment opportunities for expatriates Section 1 IV.

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Welcome to PassHKSI for Papers 1, 7, 8 & 9

A consolidation of a number of ordinances regulating the securities and futures industries. The financing of terrorist activities. Answer A By ensuring that the regulations they apply are necessary for the proper supervision of the financial markets Hot in Hong Kong and maintains Hong Kong’s position as a leading financial centre.

Hot 11 A The highest risk areas of the markets are given more regulatory attention. Meet demands for investment, capitalization and risk management. Create your own flipbook. manal

Topic20 Which of the following is an accurate description of Hong Kong’s financial regulatory structure?

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