Hey guys anybody have the latest Hirobo Sceadu Evo 50?. Kit Name: Hirobo Sceadu Evolution 50 (EVO) Price: $ If this is your first kit however, the manual might be a bit intimidating. This is not a knock on Hirobo. 50 ARF model (only) has Evolution spec OS50SX-H engine. This engine is suitable for both F3C and 3D and setting up the engine is very easy.

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This will get any mold release and fingerprint oil or grease off the canopy as well as your hands. Lightly sand the ends of the elevator rocker until the A arms will fall under their own weight.

Again available in both ’30’ and ’50’ sizes though as before, predominantly bought as the ’50’ variant. Washout and head installation is complete. Fuel tank assembly 9. Hirobo Sceadu Evolution Final versions. Ensure that the bearing race grooves are facing each other and cupping the ball cage then use the spindle to pull the whole stack into the main blade grip.

If your radio supports different trim for each flight mode and the rudder trim is different between normal, where you initialize the gyro, and idle up, then the light will begin to double flash and you will get a drift in flight when you change flight modes. Nothing special here, build the tail boom supports as shown in the book.

Hirobo Sceadu EVO

Major components like the main and clutch drive train bearing holders are incorporated into the main frame for precise alignment and easy assembly. Another tip for governor magnet installation is to drill a small hole from the dimple through the fan.

Floating axle design with wide dampeners for extra support of the Feathering spindle. Put two 32mm screws through the left frame and make sure they go through the holes in the lower tail drive bearing block and into the right side frame.


The better way to perfect pushrods. If you are familiar with my reviews you have seen me use a caliper and the Vario pushrod nubs to make perfect pushrods. Seagull Models introduced this biplane early on inand SIG mfg.

Make sure you place the. Manuap is where all the sub assemblies we built come together. Another factor is blade choice, aggressive blades respond better to using the outer holes while more stable blades allow you use the inner holes without the EVO becoming pitchy in fast forward flight. A dial or digital caliper comes in handy often, manul for making precision pushrods.

Slide it around till you get it where you want it. Adjust the end point until they do, now go to low stick and the carb to full low closed and adjust the end point till they line up. Start by pressing the bearings into the washout arms.

Ready in install in the frames. I’ve found that the stock clunk line included with most kits does not hold up well to exhaust pressure from 30 percent helicopter fuel. Also the horizontal fin brace has a top and bottom and the bottom is angled where the boom supports attach, see the illustration in msnual manual.

Close examination of photo 5 will show the Hirobo logo on the right hand A arm. You could also use a pair of channel lock pliers or other suitable tool but make sure whatever you use pushes against the pin nice and straight.

Return to Magazine Homepage. Then put the last bearing race on the spindle. All Manuual EVO sveadu injection molded 19mm bearing holder as standard parts. Remember there is no need for locktite where nyloc nuts are used as in this step. Both worked perfectly so I restarted it and let it sit at a high idle for a minute or so then slowly advanced the throttle.


Hirobo Sceadu Swm Manual – gratisskin

Tail hub thrust bearing and hiroobo assembly. Flybar control arm detail. An intermediate pilot will appreciate the carbon blades and engineering excellence in the design of the kit. Once I started breathing again, post flight inspection revealed the clunk stuck at the front of the main tank. This is one of the areas that if you spend the extra time now to do it right, you will be rewarded with a silky smooth running helicopter. Once throttle hold hiroob set, I activated throttle cut to make sure it would kill the engine.

Use medium CA on the forward canopy support rubber caps to secure them to the canopy support and install them in the holes as shown in the manual, use the remaining hex screws to install the aft canopy supports in the holes shown. Just like the elevator A arms, sand the mixing arm a bit until the radius pivots freely but not too much so as to make it sloppy.

For example, the head featured an “auto-stability” configuration that made it a stable trainer however, moving a few control balls and changing their pick-up points made the helicopter a potent aerobatic performer.

Hirobo Shuttle Sceadu Evolution Instruction Manual Page 68

Put a nut on one of the screws and tighten it down then stop and look at all the bearings and make sure they are properly captured in the seats and ensure that the fuel lines aren’t pinched in the frames. Since we are building a 50, we use the steps on the lower half of the pages. I installed a Duralite mah battery and 5. Tail boom ready to install. Each hidobo bag labeled with step number.

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