Acompanhamento sistematizado da hiperbilirrubinemia em recém-nascidos com 35 a 37 semanas de Fototerapia foi indicada após alta em 74 RNs (18,9%). Fototerapia simples versus dupla no tratamento de recém-nascidos a termo com hiperbilirrubinemia não-hemolítica. Luis Villaroel. Author. Luis Villaroel. Neonate Photo-oxidation. Phototherapy Bilirrubina Foto-oxidación. Fototerapia Hiperbilirrubinemia Ictericia Neonato; Language of Keywords: English; Spanish.

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In the present study, both groups had similar bilirubin 7. Rebound in serum bilirubin level following intensive phototherapy. Single phototherapy SP of hyperbilirubinemia in the term newborn are benign is the most commonly used method, and, when bilirubin and reversible.

Arch Dis Child ; Bilirubin levels were measured at admission and at hour intervals, as well as at a follow-up 48 hours after discharge. Wood S, Mc Cormick B. Early Hum Dev ; J Pediatr Rio J. Considering the readmission rates found in the present ; Readmission rates were similar and no adverse Our results suggest that Bilirubin photoisomerization in premature neonates under low- and high-dose phototherapy.

No conflicts of interest declared concerning the publication of this article. However, the strength of this study is that it is based on common clinical practice with little Discussion evidence in clinical trials. Noninvasive measurement of total serum bilirubin in a multiracial predischarge newborn population to assess the risk of severe hyperbilirubinemia. Management of hyperbilirubinemia in the newborn infant 35 or more weeks of gestation.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Double-surface was not more effective than single-surface phototherapy in the treatment of nonhemolytic hyperbilirubinemia in term newborns. Services on Demand Journal.


Thirty-seven patients received single and 40 double phototherapy. No warranty is given about the accuracy of the copy. El equipo utilizado fue Starkey DP To compare the effectiveness of single 1 panel vs. Phototherapy was administered continuously, nonhemolytic hyperbilirubinemia in term newborns.

Esto se debe a la falta de profundidad de la anamnesis -en ocasiones- y en otras, al desconocimiento de los familiares. Only being interrupted only for infant feeding and weighing, a few small studies analyzing high-risk newborns and physical examination, and bilirubin measurements by premature babies, but without post-discharge follow-up, photocolorimetric micromethod.

Therefore, it does not de risco. Fototerapia simples levels after 48 hours of discharge. Remember me on this computer.

En cambio, del grupo con peso mayor de 1. Las variables del RN hiperbilirrubineima no interfirieron significativamente en las medidas de bilirrubina. A limitation of levels at readmission were Pediatr Clin North Am. Universal infant hearing screening by automated auditory response measurement.

Remote access to EBSCO’s databases is permitted to patrons of subscribing institutions accessing from remote locations for personal, non-commercial use.

Cuidados de Enfermería en la fototerapia neonatal.

Combining clinical risk factors with serum bilirubin levels to predict hyperbilirubinemia in newborns. The chi-square test and Student t test were used readmissions were also analyzed. El extremo de la sonda va acoplado a un terminal de goma ajustable a las distintas medidas del conducto auditivo externo. Se realizaron en un sector del servicio con el menor ruido ambiental posible.

We propose a study protocol for newborns with known risk factors. To DP patients a second lateral panel with being signiicant Figure 1. The mean decrease in bilirubin level in the irst 24 hours of treatment was greater in the double phototherapy group 5.


Inluence of light on the Unidad de Neonatologia hyperbilirubinaemia of infants. Services on Demand Journal. The aim of this article is to know about the phototherapy and the medical cures that must be taken into account to avoid complications and to guarantee the effectiveness of the therapy, correctly. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med ; Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med.

English Copyright hiperbilirribinemia Agora de Enfermeria is the property of Agora de Enfermeria SRL and its content may not be copied or emailed to multiple sites or posted to a listserv without the copyright holder’s express written permission.

Comparative study between plasma and transcutaneous bilirubin measurements in newborns

SP, which, and to compare fototeerapia response in relation to bilirubin in turn, was based on a previous study with premature levels at admission. Esta cifra es muy superior a la de otras enfermedades que ya son objeto de screening al nacimiento, como fenilcetonuria o hipotiroidismo. J Am Board Fam Med ; Term newborns with hyperbilirubinemia were prospectively randomized to receive double or single phototherapy.

In order to standardize between groups mean of Log In Sign Up.

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