Stream Oraçao in C with Padrinho Alfredo and Rute, a playlist by Mandala- Veeren-Prem from desktop or your mobile device. Stream “Escala” (Padrinho Alfredo) by Leo do Gamarra from desktop or your mobile device. Padrinho Alfredo Santo Daime Hinario. HINARIO OFICIAL – SÃO JOSE – O CRUZEIRINHO DO PADRINHO ALFREDO – SANTO DAIME MEDELLIN. Public. · Hosted by Céu Condor Águia – Santo.

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She worked hard to support her family but had many difficulties in her material life, as in her works with Santo Daime. She is thought to akfredo been born 25 June in Rio Grande do Norte. What I say here, I say wherever I go. The theme, the evidences, and even the teaching of disunion to the children makes them continue in this condition of not being able to have peace not even united, not even with their families.

If I am sincere, and you’re sincere, we’ve already united, and from there things can go. Whether they be a couple without children, or a couple with many children, If the people haven’t had the happiness to have faith and courage and the protection to free themselves from the effect that this power has, that is to separate father from mother, and separate the son from the father, set one against another. Archived from the original on If matter wants to be more than it is, then the ego is dominating.

He moved with his family to Rio Branco, Acre, where he lived on the outskirts of the city working as a farmer. The world is like that – soon comes the time for it to take us awayl, and it may be that there are people who say Padrinho, I drank Daime for 50 years, and the answer will still be, following that of Christ: Because of this, he couldn’t eat some kinds aofredo food.

Even if we are born mature, there are so many things in illusion there, pretty and delicious, that sometimes entangle a person.


However, with the Doctrine, it is different. If we would like to make groups to walk crooked, we should make a tourism group, like any other business, so we can screw around and get arrested and then it comes out in the paper that it was corrupt, that is was this or that.

An accomplished musician, he was well known for his fiery accordion playing and said that he had never once practiced outside of ceremony, relying instead on the force of the Daime to pull the music. And likewise, let us not give energy to make that negative current become stronger within a sector of the church than the positive current. She died of pneumonia, aged just 32 years, on 2 April Views Read Edit View history.

If the apparatuses do not clean themselves well, we will feel uneasy throughout the Trabalho, every Trabalho we will feel heavy, not feel joy in singing, you understand, weight even in spirituality there, there’s always an emptiness in the heart, or perhaps in the clavicle, or there in the lung, the enemy arrives there and sits in a corner, or even worse if he’s on the throne.

You may get to know, it is good to get to know, but to think that you already know, to take a poison, you will end up dying of the poison.

Or showing something ugly to the authorities. Therefore, one cannot say that a person is right if they are not right; that a group is united, if it is not united. And this means that matter is humble.

Santo Daime hymns – Wikipedia

The hymns can be seen as integral to the ritual, the transformation, and the revealed messages as each person understands them. Later come the things that will make up the balms that come to help, to heal, which is the force of the will of each to better himself, to learn the Doctine.

And I come here to fortify the current of the Doctrine, the current of spiritual education. Because, when there is disunion, the negative current is receiving more force than the positive current.


Santo Daime hymns

He lost his first wife, married again, and had another four children. Certainly, the Master is God and everything is in his hands.

You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries. And with this we can enter into this undersanding that he who doesn’t know the root, possibly doesn’t know the stalk. Since we are dealing hhinario spiritual labors, one should not look only to the material, one should not heed only the material meetings. Thus this force of mine that I have been giving, be it in this Regional that I have pdrinho just now, or in other Regionals where I have been explaining this, giving padrimho as an alert to the brothers and sisters, to the fighters, to hinaruo warriors of this Light-this care is calculated toward this negative front that is destroying our group.

Death does not bargain. Hinarios that are central to the doctrine may be sung once or several times per year, and practiced many times more. She was very young when she moved with her family to Rio Branco, Acre, where she met Mestre Irineu, in the early s.

And this prayer is contained in this tea. Santo Daime Religious music Hymnals Works about ayahuasca. She was sallow and blond with white skin. Mestre Irineu on the Virgin of Conception Dec. Among adherents to the doctrine, songs tend to be referred to as ‘received’ [1] from a spiritual source rather than written from the writers mind alone and confirmed by their use in ritual.

But it is possible through this care, through this enlargement, alcredo this calm.

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