Guardianes del día (Дневной дозор en ruso, trans. Dnevnoi dozor) es una novela literaria de fantasía del escritor Sergei Lukianenko y Vladimir Vasilev. Es el segundo libro de la pentalogía Guardianes precedido de Guardianes de la noche y sucedido por Guardianes del crepúsculo, Los últimos guardianes. Official Sites: Author Lukyanenko’s Official “Nochnoy dozor” Forum [Russia] | Fox [Spain] | See more» Also Known As: Guardianes de la noche See more». Guardianes de la noche / Night Watch by Serguei Lukyanenko at uk – ISBN – ISBN – Debolsillo –

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He questions authority and the rules the Watches operate with because he feels that doing bad things for good reasons is not good enough.

T i e r r a F r e a k: La saga de las Guardias rusas – El Gabinete del Dr. Morholt.

In the Russian cut, Olga advices using the power of telepathic conviction to convince Svetlana Anton is a patient. But even the most honest and simple cop, brought up on the stars-and-stripes ideals, will understand sooner or later that the streets have more than just Light and Dark. I’ll never complain that Lukyanenko writes vapid female characters because Svetlana in her own rights is not weak.

Well ‘obviously’ if you’re a ‘Other’ you can see the auras that float above human’s heads – the one above Svetlana isn’t a good one. The magic was actually pretty cool when they used it. However, the power shutdown at the ballet theater is still shown. However, we guardisnes his lkyanenko in determining the right thing to do. Because quite often life, honestly, sucks, and gusrdianes can’t have it all, and you can’t be whatever you want to be regardless of what people tell you.


The concepts are deceptively simple. The guarianes of language makes me dizzy; the chicken-egg relationship between cognition and verbal expression means that something is likely lost in translation the more sophisticated or fantastical a thought becomes.

They are Dark, but they don’t feed on humans and Anton respects them. The art vs the artist had been coming up a lq lately with so many authors implicated in MeToo and I thought you stated your thoughts well.

The story is told from the perspective of Anton, a computer programmer for the Night Watch who is getting his first taste of field work. Favorites I don’t necessarily remember the names of. There’s only an obmylok [used-up remnant of a bar of soap] with inflated ego and a bare ass.

Night Watch (Watch #1) by Sergei Lukyanenko

I recommend this great book as well as the rest of the series to fans of dark, urban fantasy and Russian literature. However, he does not want to switch allegiances – in fact, as far as he knows no one can – and he cannot act directly against the Guardianse or he will be sent into the Twilight forever.

Share this Rating Title: As long as the amount of good created by an action outweighs the possible harm, the Night Watch is able to act with a free hand.

The book is really broken down into three parts but all three focus on Anton who is an Other, working with the Night Watch. The prologue has been dubbed in English and contains more voice-over exposition on the “Others”.

Guardianes del día

I’m from Russia, from the author himself. However each sub-story had its own focus an I thought there are a lot of interesting and unusual aspects to this book.

The premise was that lukyajenko are much like us” – that is, angels and demons alike had similar feelings, doubts about the side they had chosen, and were both capable of good and evil, how Some years ago, I wrote quite a lot of material for a roleplaying game called In Nomine.


Except for then it’s too late. That’s enough to drive anyone crazy.

The movie Night Watch is more or less a faithful adaptation of the first section of the book with a few embellishments.

The Light has been responsible for some lu,yanenko the horrors of the 20th Century and Anton realizes the Day Watch does just as much to hold back from destroying the world.

If a Dark magician uses her powers for evil, the Light gets to use that much power for some good project.

Night Watch

Clearly the Daily Telegraph was drinking some bribery cognac when they wrote that. What do they mean when they say the Other was or wasn’t licensed?

Trivia One of the paper pictures on the wall at the witch’s home is a small reproduction of “Vertumnus” by Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

To ask other readers questions about Night Watchplease sign up. I did really like the bit towards the end non-spoiler where happiness was likened to flowers.

He senses their evil, channels his good through a wooden toy dagger, and wipes out the souls of the Dark Ones with righteous fervor. It was meant to be a game about moral ambiguity and supernatural politics, though the execution was uneven, to say the least, and most games wound up being more like Book-of-Revelation-flavored superhero battles.

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