Fundamentos de limnología neotropical. by Gabriel Roldán Pérez; John Jairo Ramírez Restrepo. Print book: State or province government publication. Spanish. FUNDAMENTOS DE LIMNOLOGIA NEOTROPICAL 2 EDICION by Gabriel y otro Roldan Perez at – ISBN X – ISBN Fundamentos de Limnología Neotropical – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Measuring progress and evolution in science and technology. Additionally, limnnologa papers were also related to studies concerning the management and control of macrophytes. Accordingly, experiments that complement surveys on the knowledge construction, in any spatial scale, are still rarely carried Experiment in microscale: Environmental factors as predictors of aquatic macrophyte richness and composition in wetlands of southern Brazil.

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Nos jardins submersos da Bodoquena: Additionally, the historical roots of limnology in Neotropical neotrropical are strongly correlated to investigations about ecosystem processes and functioning e. Our analyses showed that the studies neotroipcal mostly with the influences of aquatic macrophytes on organisms and abiotic features.

Furthermore, in a study evaluating the scientific impact of nations, Brazil was the only Neotropical country among the 31 limnoliga important countries worldwide, occupying the 20 th position in number of published papers King, The scientific wealth of nations.

After this, only the papers authored by researchers from Neotropical countries Mexico, Mesoamerican countries and South American countries were selected by using the information on the country of affiliation of the authors. Chemical composition of floating aquatic macrophytes neotropicla to treat of aquaculture wastewater. The scientometrics research can be considered the area of research that utilizes information contained in publications to obtain a scientific output of its trends and lacks Verbeek et al.


The central Amazon floodplain: The structuring role of submerged macrophytes in lakes. Thus, our results concerning studies of macrophytes in Neotropics indicate that most investigations are still carried in a preliminary way.

Fundamentos de limnología neotropical

This highlights especially the recognition of the role of aquatic plants as key components for the biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems Jeppensen et al. Evaluation of photosynthetic oxygen production, pigment pattern, glutathione content and detoxication enzymes activity in the aquatic macrophyte Ceratophyllum demersum exposed to cypermethrin.

According to van Raana scientometric or bibliometric research of a particular study field is devoted to quantify this subject.

Lake and River ecosystems. Acta Oecologicavol.

Fundamentos de limnología neotropical

Accordingly, even considering authors from other countries, studies were also frequently conducted in these three countries Brazil: In addition, limnological studies clearly increased in Brazil after Melo et al.

In addition, although not informed in the abstracts, if we consider the studies carried in lagoons, we would possibly reach the conclusion that these habitats are shallows and located in wetlands. Ecological studies involving aquatic plants substantially increased just after the 60’s, following the increase of studies in shallow ecosystems, globally more numerous in comparison to deep aquatic environments Esteves ; Wetzel, ; Thomaz and Bini, Abundance and species richness as a function of food resources and vegetation structure: This is essential to support conservation efforts and to subsidize further investigations testing ecological hypotheses.


Finally, problems caused by the excessive growth of limnolloga vegetation, especially in reservoirs can also be another factor accounting for this trend Thomaz and Bini, However, a precise view of researches devoted to aquatic macrophytes in Neotropics is necessary to neootropical a reliable evaluation of the scientific production.

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These studies are essential nowadays, since they can support conservation efforts. Based on scientometrics, our investigation helped us to identify several patterns and gaps in the study of aquatic macrophytes in Neotropical regions.

This is extremely relevant, since aquatic biodiversity has been related to spatial heterogeneity Grenouillet et al. Brazilian articles in international journals on Limnology.

Thomaz and Bini also recorded few articles studying aquatic macrophytes in Brazilian rivers. The scientific production per year was also recorded to calculate the percentage of papers concerning macrophytes in Neotropics in relation to total number nneotropical papers. Largemouth diet in two aquatic plant communities.

Rolon and Maltchik, ; Padial and Thomaz, Gundamentos fact, as mentioned earlier, Chambers et al. Accordingly, the knowledge of biodiversity is inadequate and plagued by Linnean i.

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