Lolomboy National High School. Formulacin y Nomenclatura Qumica Orgnica Primero de Bachillerato ndice I. Introduccin. 3 FUNCIONES HIDROGENADAS. son grupos funcionales característicos de los ácidos organicos, al igual pertenencen al grupo de funciones hidrogenadas, ya que presentan. Check out my latest presentation built on , where anyone can create & share professional presentations, websites and photo albums in minutes.

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WIPO translate Wipo internal translation tool. Colecciones nacionales e internacionales de patentes. Fecha de la solicitud, orden descendente.

Fecha de la solicitud, orden ascendente. Nombre de la persona solicitante. Nombre de la persona inventora. A display panel 01 and a display apparatus. The display panel 01 comprises a retroreflective layer 20 arranged at a light-emitting side, wherein the retroreflective layer 20 comprises a retroreflective region and a transmissive regionwith the retroreflective region being used for reflecting light incident thereon along a direction opposite to a direction of incidence or in an opposite direction near the direction of incidence.

The display panel 01 comprises a pixel region and a pixel definition region used for defining the pixel region ; and the pixel region has an overlapping region with the transmissive region of the retroreflective layer 20 along a thickness direction of the display panel The display panel 01 and the display apparatus can reduce the amount of ambient light that enters human eyes after being reflected from the surface of the display panel A voiceprint recognition method, apparatus and device, and a medium, wherein same are applicable to the technical field of the Internet.

By constructing and training a universal recognition model, in order to process voice data so as to obtain corresponding voiceprint vectors, voiceprint features are determined, and a person who makes a sound is recognized according to the voiceprint features; and since the universal recognition model does not limit the contents of the sound, the use of voiceprint recognition is more flexible, and the usage scenarios of the voiceprint recognition is increased.

An all-fiber terahertz time-domain spectrometer, comprising: The all-fiber terahertz time-domain spectrometer can ensure that femtosecond ihdrogenadas pulses emitted by a fiber laser 1 are transmitted in transmission fibers in the whole process, and thus the stability of the spectrometer can be ensured even if an external environment changes.

A lighting device comprises a connection base 10a control circuit board 6a light source bar 2and fin-shaped frame members 1. The control circuit board 6 is provided inside the connection base The light source bar 2 is electrically connected to the control circuit board 6. There are multiple fin-shaped frame members 1. The multiple fin-shaped frame members 1 are arranged at intervals at the connection base Hidrogenadss fin-shaped frame member hidtogenadas encloses the light source bar 2 and allows light emitted by the light source bar 2 to pass therethrough.

The lighting device has a simple structure, low costs, good heat dissipation performance and long service life, and does not break easily.

A shield funiones capping block assembling apparatus. By means of alternate supporting of the jacking connection of capping segments by two lead screws on a hidorgenadas segment supporting frame and the jacking connection of the capping segments by a jack of the capping segments on a middle shield of a shield tunneling machine, the capping segments are always in a jacking connection stress state, so that loss hidrogrnadas support of the first ring of capping segments due to that the jack of the capping segments on the middle shield of the shield tunneling machine retracts after the shield tunneling machine conducts tunneling towards the next ring and when the next ring of capping segments are assembled is avoided, and the problems of misalignment funclones breakage of the capping segments of this ring caused by stress release are resolved.

In addition, hdirogenadas disclosed is a construction method for the shield segment capping block assembling apparatus. The present invention improves the ring formation quality of segments, is easy to operate, and is particularly suitable for use in shield tunnel construction.

Provided are fnciones organic electroluminescent display panel and a preparation method therefor. The organic electroluminescent display panel comprises: Disclosed is a magnetic latching relay capable of simultaneously cutting off a zero line and a phase line.

The magnetic latching relay comprises a housing, two groups of control loops arranged in the housing, and a magnetic circuit system.

Each group of control loops is formed by a movable spring seat and a static spring seat, wherein the static spring seat of one group of control loops is connected to a first pin, and the movable spring seat of this group of control loops is connected to a fourth pin; the static spring seat of the other group of control loops is connected to a second pin, and the movable spring seat of this group of control loops is connected to a third pin; the static spring seat connected to the first pin is lengthened and bent; the movable spring hidrofenadas are controlled by a group of phase lines; and the static spring seats are controlled by a group of zero lines.

The magnetic circuit system is arranged in the middle of where the static spring seat connected to the first pin is bent, and is perpendicular to each movable spring seat and each static spring seat; and the magnetic circuit system simultaneously controls the opening and closing of the movable spring seat in each group of control loops by means of one push piece.


The magnetic latching relay capable of simultaneously cutting off a zero line and a phase line in the present invention uses a bent design for the static spring seat connected to the first pin thereof, thereby reducing the volume of the relay, and reducing the production cost. Disclosed is a one-input four-output type double-path magnetic latching relay capable of cutting off a neutral wire and a live wire simultaneously, comprising two control loops and a magnetic circuit system.

Each control loop is composed of a movable spring seat and a static spring seat, and the static spring seat of one of the control loops is connected to a first pin, and the movable spring seat of the control loop is connected to a fourth pin; the static spring seat of the other control loop is connected to a second pin, and the movable spring seat of the control loop is connected to a third pin; and the first pin and the second pin are connected to a set of neutral wires, and the third pin and the fourth pin are connected to a set of live wires, and the set of live wires and the set of neutral wires form a loop that can cut off the live wires and the neutral wires simultaneously.

The invention has higher universality, and a movable spring piece uses a bending design to make contact control more flexible. A display panel and a display method thereof, and a display device, relating to the technical field of display, and capable of providing hidrogenadss reflective e-book with high update frequency. The display panel comprises: The second substrate is provided with a reflective layer, and is configured to make incident light transmitting through the first substrate reflect preset color on the reflective layer.

Provided are a fingerprint identification substrate, a fingerprint identification method, and a display device. The fingerprint identification substrate comprises a base 10an emission portion, a reception portion, and a fingerprint detector.

The emission portion and the reception portion are provided at the base At least a portion of the emission portion and at least a portion of funcioes reception portion can be arranged at the same layer. The emission portion is used to generate an ultrasonic signal.

The reception portion is used to receive an ultrasonic signal reflected by a finger, to convert the ultrasonic signal to an electric signal, and to output the same to the fingerprint detector. The fingerprint detector is used to determine fingerprint information according to the electric signal outputted by the reception portion. Disclosed is a rotating shaft mechanism for a laptop.

A hollow tire, comprising a tire crown 7a tire body 1and a bead toe 4. A cavity 2 runs through the tire body 1. The cross-section of the cavity is elliptical, or is a closed shape defined by a major arc, a minor arc and two common tangent lines between the major arc and the minor arc.

A position-limiting groove 3 matching the wheel rim is disposed between the bead toe and the tire body.

The bead toe is provided with a circumferential groove 5. An air hole is connected between the circumferential groove and the cavity. The tire toe has rounded corners, and the rounded corner near the position-limiting slot is smaller than the rounded corner away from the position-limiting slot. The hollow tire reduces the need for maintenance, has an anti-puncture function, reduces materials required for making the tire body, and can be fitted to a wheel rim with ease. An on-board-end charging apparatus 3 of an electric vehicle, and an electric automobile.

The charging apparatus 3 thereof comprises a power supply access circuit 31 electrically connected to an external power supply, a charging output circuit 33 connected to a power battery, and a transformer 32wherein the power supply access circuit 31 and the charging output circuit 33 are respectively connected to a primary side and a secondary side of the transformer 32and a first rectifier circuit 35 is arranged between the charging output circuit 33 and the secondary side of the transformer The charging apparatus further comprises a wireless charging receiving circuit 34 electrically connected to the charging output circuit 33 and outputting power through same.

The present invention performs an integration design on a conductive on-board charging circuit and a non-conductive on-board wireless charging circuit, thereby reducing the cost, volume and weight of same.

Provided are a display drive circuit 01 and control method therefor, and a display device. The display drive circuit 01 comprises a plurality of function multiplex circuits 10with each function multiplex circuit 10 being connected to at least one data line data by means of a data transmission end The function multiplex circuit 10 is also connected to an enabling signal end SWa first signal end and a second signal endand is configured to provide, under the action of the enabling signal end SWthe first signal end and the second signal enda detection signal to the data line dataand is further used for releasing static electricity on a data transmission end through the first signal end or second signal end Disclosed is a pixel arrangement structure, comprising a plurality of repeatedly arranged sub-pixel groups.

Each sub-pixel group comprises: Further disclosed is a display panel comprising pixels arranged according to the pixel arrangement structure, a display device comprising the display panel, and a set of masks for vapor-depositing an organic light-emitting material during fabrication of an organic light-emitting display panel.

Provided are a redundant circuit for a battery, and an unmanned aerial vehicle and a method for controlling battery power supply therefor. The circuit comprises at least two power supply branches connected in parallel and a power output end.


Each power supply branch comprises a battery and a control subcircuit. The control subcircuit comprises a field-effect transistor Q1 and a control chip U1. An input end and an output end of the field-effect transistor are respectively connected to an output end of the battery and the power output end VOUT.

The control chip is connected to a control end of the field-effect transistor, and is used to continuously detect a voltage difference between the output end of the battery in the current power supply branch and the power output end, and to control turning on or off of the field-effect transistor according to the voltage difference. The present invention realizes seamless transition of power supply, thereby achieving redundant design for a battery.

A cradle head comprises: One of the at least two driving components is installed inside the supporting housing The at least two driving components can drive the supporting housing 14 to rotate in at least two directions, thereby adjusting angles of the photographing device from at least two directions. The cradle head has a reduced size and thus an overall compact structure, thereby facilitating realizing compactness of the cradle head and an unmanned aerial vehicle.

Also provided are a photographing device and an unmanned aerial vehicle. Disclosed are a silver-containing antibacterial product and a preparation method thereof.

The silver-containing antibacterial product contains a silver-containing alcohol amine chelate as an antibacterial ingredient obtained by mixing a silver-containing substance and an alcohol amine for reaction. The silver-containing product contains 0. A silver-containing antibacterial dressing can be prepared from the silver-containing antibacterial product. The silver-containing antibacterial product exhibits an antibacterial activity on Staphylococcus aureus.

A hand-held hair styling devicepermits precise introduction of a curl into the hair A selectively actuatable drive systemdrives rotation of one or more rotatable bases, each carrying a hair styling elementon it. The drive systemincludes a transmissionconnecting an actuatorto the rotatable baseto transmit the movement of the actuatorin one direction into rotation of the rotatable basein a first direction.

The transmissionis configured to prevent rotation of the rotatable basein a second direction opposite to the first direction upon movement of the actuatorin an opposite direction. A display panel comprises a substrate, a thin film transistor positioned at the substrate, and a light-emitting structure positioned at one side of the thin film transistor away from the substrate.

The thin film transistor comprises a polycrystalline silicon layer positioned between the light-emitting structure and the substrate. The display panel further comprises a light-shielding layer positioned between the polycrystalline silicon layer and the light-emitting structure to shield ultraviolet light.

An orthographic projection of the light-shielding layer on the substrate covers an orthographic projection of the polycrystalline silicon layer on the substrate. Disclosed are a method and device for controlling flow of liquid zinc 2 in a zinc pot 1 for hot-dip galvanization. Under the blowing effects of an air knife above the zinc pot 1 for hot-dip galvanization onto strip steel 3the liquid zinc 2 diffuses and flows outwards to a left side, a right side and a front end of the zinc pot and zones I, II, III and IV formed between the strip steel 3 and a snout 4and surface slag rapidly generated on a surface of the liquid zinc 2 is driven to flow outwards to the zones I, II, III and IV.

On border sides of the zones I, II, III and IVmultiple stages of travelling magnetic field generators 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78,are arranged above the surface of the liquid zinc 2 in the zinc pot 1so as to excite a travelling magnetic field to generate an electromagnetic driving force on the liquid zinc 2 to drive the liquid zinc 2 to flow.

Ácidos Carboxilicos. by juan narvaez on Prezi

The flow of the liquid zinc 2 caused by the travelling magnetic field generators 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78,is linked with the blowing flow of the air knife, driving the surface liquid funcioned 2 in the zinc pot 1 to flow in order towards a rear end zone V of the zinc pot 1.

The surface slag floating on the surface of the liquid zinc 2 is driven by the flowing liquid zinc 2 to flow in a controlled direction.

A quantum dot-ligand hidrlgenadas, and a preparation method and use thereof. The quantum dot-ligand complex comprises a quantum dot, and nidrogenadas sulfhydryl multi-chain ligand runciones forms a surface coordination with the quantum dot.

The sulfhydryl multi-chain ligand effectively inactivates surface defects of the quantum dot, enhances the luminous efficiency of the quantum dot, improves the solubility of the quantum dot in an organic solvent, and takes the stability of the quantum dot and the carrier transport performance in a device into consideration. Disclosed is a duct fan, comprising: Arranging the heat dissipation structure at each stationary blade 3 of the duct fan or integrally forming the heat dissipation structure and each stationary blade 3 enables the stationary blades 3 to have the function of balancing the reaction torque while having the function of heat dissipation, thereby fynciones improving the heat dissipation effect and also saving on space.

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