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The third is Caroline The fourth is that Jasmine kidnaps them.

Title: Fansadox collection 031 her best friend templeton

One day she invited Rebecca to her country, an obscure Emirate, deep in the desert. Jasmine hands Rebecca over fridnd Mandingo, a huge sinister negro well over six feet tall and prodigiously well hung.

Rebecca is the girl everyone wants to date: They are punished and humiliated Jasmine never told Rebecca, but she was in love with Bill. Everyone admired them and everyone invited them to their parties.


She and Jasmine were best friends. The second surprise is the size of the limousine that takes them to the Palace. Rebecca and Bill are a good-looking all-American couple. These are completely fictional comics for adult entertainment. All action is simulated and involves no real people. At last, she can get her hands on Bill.

He would never go out with an Arab girl. Rebecca was delighted to accept the invitation. At last, she has the power. Sorry, we can’t show most of the images in a non-protected site. Bill is froend chunky baseball ace. The trouble was that, deep down, Bill was a racist. She insisted she brought Bill too They are forced to serve Her long-repressed lust knows frienr restraints. A lot of people envied them too.

Everyone said he and Rebecca made a perfect couple. A lot of the men she knew were like that.

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They made a great couple, much-admired and much-envied But they were racists. All characters are 18 years old or older.

This is a story of revenge And the Palace itself! T empleton is back after his highly successful African Horrorwith another wonderful tale of smoldering hatred, secret envy and dark, unsatisfied lust She holds them forcibly in the palace and submits them to all kinds of sexual abuse, to turn them into sexual slaves.


Fansadox Collection – Templeton – Her Best Friend

The result was that Jasmine saw no action, went out with no one, had no fun, and grew bitter Now that the couple are in Jasmine hands, she will wreak terrible revenge for the way she was treated back in America. They found her attractive. He will teach her how to put her whole body at the service of the Emir, her ageing Master, for whatever purpose he chooses Bill was a hunky baseball ace.

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