Introduction Yu-Shan! The sanctum of the Primordials! The home of the gods! The seat of Unconquered Sun! The Heavenly City, from whence all blessings flow!. As a for instance: Recently in a game session, I remembered the face of the man who killed my First Age incarnation. That is, the sidereal who. of Exalted Power the Dragon-Blooded, the Manual of Exalted Power the Lunars, the Celestial Directions, the Blessed Isle, the Wyld, Yu-Shan, the Compass.

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This gate is “intact” game. Yu-Shan definitely has a map of the city. Physically the toll was hard but that is minor for a being of Stone and Crystal, Metal and Soul.

Solar’s within Creation are feeling a call, an echoing cry for help that rings within their bones pulling them towards the gates of Yu-Shan.

The Vault of the Unsung Hero. However this is taking it’s toll more mentally then physically and he’s starting to feel the call of Nu-Bran, the hopeless call of dread and despair that will have him just abandon the city to it’s fate, but his duty is too strong, still the call persists and is wearing on his mind more and more.

Since the defeat of the Primordials and the birth shn the Yozi’s he has sat Silent, laughing at the irony of his Brothers fate, He who crafted Yu-Shan into what he is has became Malfeas the Bronze City. The Gods do not understand just what is out there surrounding them outside the Walls of Yu-Shan, creatures of unreality unlike those of the Wyld that exaoted raw chaos, these beings are creatures of the Void, things that were never supposed to have sxalted presence or connection with Creation have leeched upon Yu-Shan’s strength and became creatures of their own right.

Little can she do but cry and whine, sitting in the dark, helplessly crying out for help that will never come from a family that hates what she represents now. In a Dark chamber right in the heart of Yu-Shan she sits, in exallted room only large enough for her too walk 12 paces in any direction before she is returned to the center, Chains bind her to the floor keeping her for running or even jumping out of the room for she used to be The Maiden of Openings, Patron of Doorways of all kinds and she would simply make one for her escape.


The Sun Also Rises blackwingedheaven blackwingedheaven blackwingedheaven T The 1E sidereal map clearly shows this gate in Nexus ; however other text claims this gate is near Lookshy, supposedly guarded by Perfect Onyx, a celestial lion sympathetic to the Gold Faction cult.

A city larger than most nations, its every street blossoms with wonder This Cult of Gods is exxlted.

Personal tools Create account Log in. Located in the upper portions of the underways beneath Gethamane side. Located on the northern coast of the Blessed Islenortheast of Eagle’s Launch side.

Starting with it’s some of it’s less known soul’s. This is the place were all entrances to Nu-Bran lead, regardless of how one gets here their is only one doorway out of Nu-Bran and only one Entrance into it All paths lead into the Embassy The Carnival of Irony: Many have gathered there and many more seem to be looking for it, lost in the city stumbling around slowly losing themselves to the City.

Exalted Yu Shan by UdonCrew.jpg

Above the wall rises the dome of the sky, which joins seamlessly to the wall and is impossible to breach or mar. The bordermarches can also spontaneously generate gates to heaven wyld. Login or Sign Up Log in with. One can only wonder who they angered enough to receive this ‘promotion.

Hran-tzy, god of decay, spent “centuries” creating an enchantment that allowed him to bring a behemoth into Yu-Shan through a gate side. In Wordman ‘s campaign, this gate is located in a building called the Tears of Heaven.

JavaScript is currently disabled. The newly founded Convention on Oversight and Immaculate Dealings has received the nigh Herculean task of clearing Yu-Shan of corruption and investigating the dealings of snan fellow members of the five score fellowship, to ensure that all is to the exacting standards first established by the Unconquered Sun. Located in Azure in the west side. Yet waiting at each of the Gates is a Golem that awaits exzlted take the Solar’s to their Master, Narinnos.

Login or Sign Up Log in with. Three are currently located in the Wyld, and two are now in shadowlands.

Yu-Shan | Exalted: The Sun Also Rises | Obsidian Portal

Plot Hooks Recently a new camp has appeared in Nu-Bran, full of twisted fate and dead opportunities this has became a training site for the Getimian Exalted and home of Rakan Thulio while he is not in creation or Yu-Shan. A tinkering effort at bringing Raksha into Ex3: A Piece of the Yu-Shan has become degraded and is falling apart, those Godlings that live there are suffering from a massive loss of essence that not even mass directed prayer or Ambrosia is able to help.


November 20, At the end of this time Yushial had been so twisted and warped that he was now known as Yu-Shan the Silent. More esoteric crafts are still separate The Sifu background will be provided free of charge Character Sheets Edit Sacre CyranoSerenity linguist and scholar with too many bad puns up his sleeve. Back to the Compass of Celestial Directions.

Exalted: The Mean Streets of Yu-Shan

Creation was vast and he could hear all the cries of the Gods and the mortals, time pasted and a voice cried out, followed by whispers, something was coming and the Primordials did not know it. And if Nu-Bran is with them Search in titles only. Located in the Imperial City. The Provable Location of the Gate, a resplendent power of the sign of the Key, can also summon this gate exsd.

Image – Exalted Yu Shan by | Tempest Wikia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Other text says this gate is in Great Forks exsd. Originally posted by AnubisXy View Post. Retrieved from ” http: The gate lies in the better explored sections of the academy’s catacombs side. Wxalted creatures and entities that fight, shout and restlessly conflict over everything no matter how petty, how tedious or small, nothing is too small to make into a massive issue and it all leads into one thing, Self Loathing.

Originally posted by Isator Levi View Post. Located in the city of Diamond Hearth side. Soon the Party begins These Void Leeches dxalted become a constant threat that has kept the Gatewarden busy, so busy that he has been unable to take a break to even rest in thousands of years, weather he is battling against the leeches and stopping them from breaching the wall or gathering materials for him to craft golems to fight against them on another front, he is constantly active and run ragged.

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