Ask Eve Lorgen, hypnotherapist and anomolous trauma coach your questions about orchestrated love relationships, alien encounters, and paranormal. The latest Tweets from Eve Lorgen (@evielorgen). Researcher, consultant and writer in Anomalous Trauma, paranormal experiences. Author, poet, yogi. Former . Eve Lorgen is a dedicated counseling professional, UFO/alien abduction researcher, Anusara yogi and writer. She began her pioneering work with alien.

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Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships. I have been searching ever since for lodgen ROOT of this statement. It is a tool for awakening. Other anomalous trauma experiences include spiritual warfare and near death experiences.

This helps the client have a much better self-understanding of one’s own “protective defenses” and internal beliefs, programs, and hidden feelings that hover around core needs. Accordingly, the book raises the question if such lorgenn should be considered benevolent or malevolent. Until one’s own core needs and feelings are realized, lrogen cannot fully enter into the spacious, compassionate presence of the core, divine-soul essence.

Education about mind control and narcissistic abuse patterns. Eve is the author of two books, “The Love Bite: Couples and Relationship communication patterns educating clients lrgen how to communicate when certain issues arise, avoid hurting one another, and use compassionate communication based on Observations, Feelings, Needs, and Requests in a non-blaming, non-critical way so that openness, connection, and forgiveness are possible.

It is as if the aliens are harvesting human evf energy. Empathic support with a focus on reflective listening and clarity for the client’s understanding of their own feelings and the human needs which lie beneath the feelings. It has been found that being involved in counseling and support groups with other trauma survivors, helps to relieve the discomfort of isolation, anxiety, depression and powerlessness associated with these experiences.

Author, Researcher and Consultant in Anomalous Trauma. I commend Eve for including these three cases in her book and for outlining them so well. For more information, click the image above. lrgen


After reading The Ev Biteyou will come to view Eve Lorgen as one of the light bearers who is teaching others to see through the veil of alien manipulation. We need one another and recognition of our own needs of being human. This is quite common in the alien abductee population.

rdpress | Eve Lorgen

Smack in the middle of these alleged truthful newspaper clippings etc. More information about alien abductions, MILABS and alien interference in human interactions is available in the articles section of this website and through my book, The Love Bite: She has been working with clients since using various counseling modalities. As with Cortile, another case that also has an FBI connection is the case of Mia Adams, a woman who published her involvement in the abduction phenomenon in a book titled The Excyles.

Uncovering and discovering key mind control programs or false beliefs which keep one “stuck”. Hypnotherapy geared towards accessing hidden memories or events in one’s life. Others may see familiar relatives who have passed over. True healing comes through authentic relationship and community.

Regression hypnosis is a useful tool in recovering amnesiac memories and the easing of PTSD symptoms. Shamanic healing modalities such as soul retrieval have been found to be effective for some individuals. Her technique when working with abductees incorporates non-hypnotic methods of memory recall combined with crisis counseling and treating the symptoms and behaviors that are indicative of posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD.

Compassion olrgen the wisdom of true insight must work together for the expansion of our human potential. Trauma victims who have the ability to dissociate will sometimes have extrasensory perception. The purpose rve this is still unknown to us even today, but supposition by abductees and researchers range from the aliens needing something from us for their survival, to the aliens creating a hybrid human species ece will survive after an extinction-level event. Helping clients learn discernment of deception on many levels and how to deal with the alien intelligences to make these entities leave them alone.


| & The Alien Love Bite

Through several fascinating case histories, Lorgen demonstrates how the alien beings may be orchestrating these dramas for their own ends. The second is the case involving Linda Cortile, which was published in Witnessed: Due to the ostracism, disbelief and denial by mainstream society, medical and psychological professionals use the term anomalous trauma for lorgsn syndromes.

Eve offers assistance in the following areas: The false light bearers display incongruence in their actions and beliefs and naively focus on the positivist elements of extraterrestrials, while in denial of any negative alien abduction material, or their own.

One thing is clear: Eve actually cites thirteen separate cases involving 20 or more individuals, detailing lrgen the initial bonding process occurs to the child abductee while on board a craft and continues through re-abductions and reinforcement later in life. However, it uses one’s own self as a model or system of parts that can be understood to function as a protective system for the core self.

Loregn may be part of a process designed to preserve the human genome for the future, or they might just be abducting humans for their own, purely self serving interests. Eve Lorgen is determined to solve the mystery. Whatever their motives, Lorgen simply states that the heart of the matter lies in matters of the heart.

Now, in this magnificent follow-up to the late Dr.

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