He described the Ginkgo in his work “Amoenitatum Exoticarum” (Lemgo, ). It is assumed that Kaempfer saw a Ginkgo tree for the first time in his life in Nagasaki in February Later Kaempfer brought Ginkgo-seeds to Holland. KAEMPFER, ENGELBERT, German physician and traveler to Russia, the Orient, and the Far East (b. Lemgo, Westphalia, 16 September ;. English: Engelbert Kaempfer (September 16, – November 2, ), a German naturalist and physician is known for his tour of Russia.

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He then traveled to Poland and Prussia, where he pursued the life engelert a wandering student, moving from one university to another and focusing mainly on medicine and foreign languages.

Share Share this page more less. Since Scheuchzer was not a native English speaker, he often had to ask for advice. Here Fabritius had to negotiate the terms for the storage of the materials bought for Persia.

It was notable for its description of the electric eelacupunctureand moxibustion. Kaempfer also collected materials and information on Japanese acupuncture and moxibustion.

Engelbert Kaempfer

Kaempfer gave them medical advice, medicines, “a cordial and plentiful supply of European liquors,” kwempfer a knowledge of astronomy and mathematics. Views View Edit History. Publications Ferrum New Publication e-periodica. Engelbert Kaempfer played a key role in introducing the soybean and soyfoods to the Western world. During the remaining four years of his life he was not able to find a publisher for his manuscripts. For upwards kaempfwr a hundred years, when Japan was closed to foreigners, it was the chief source of information for the general reader.


Have a look at some copperplates! He was awarded a medical kaempfwr at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. Kaempfer settled in his native city of Lemgo, where he became the physician of the Count of Lippe.

Encyclopædia Iranica

He went to the universities of Krakow and Konigsberg languages, medical science, nature studies. Acquiring a very liberal education and preparing himself for the profession of Physick physicianKaempfer quickly showed himself to be naturally brilliant and inquisitive, with a remarkable capacity for learning foreign languages.

His book Amoenitatum Exoticarumpublished in Germany incontained the first written description by a Westerner of the soybean plant and seeds accompanied by the first Western illustration of theseplus the most detailed descriptions to date of the process for making miso and shoyu Japanese-style soy sauce. During three days from Decemberhe examined every structure belonging to the palaces and other buildings almost without taking any time off. Flora Japonicarepr. Aus den Originalhandschriften des VerfassersLemgo,2 vols.

Icones selectae plantarum, quas in Japonia collegit et delineavit Engelbertus KaempferLondon ; repr.

Media in category “Engelbert Kaempfer” The following 27 files are in this category, out of 27 total. Having finished his thesis, he graduated on April 22, as a Doctor of Medicine.


Introduction Engelbert Kaempfer was born In Germany into a family of a vicar. His appointment as court physician to Friedrich Adolf, however, gave him dngelbert time to write.

Engelbert Kaempfer

Among them was a History of Japantranslated from the manuscript into English by Sloane’s librarian John Gaspar Scheuchzer — No exhibits of his collection have remained in Lemgo. British Library Manuscripts Catalogue. Kaempfer, whose only wish was to study the country and its people, despaired at his confinement. View Larger Image K. Here, while studying and drawing the plants of the country, he befriended the Director General engelbeert the Dutch East India Company, who owned a large botanical garden.

He elicited much valuable information. He became the secretary to the Swedish embassy, which was to establish trade relations with Russia and Persia by the order of Charles. Ferrum New Publication e-periodica.

In particular comments on the behavior of the heathens and that some of their doings were quite reasonable mainly concerning religious and legal questions. The diplomatic aim of the Swedish legation in Isfahan brought Kaempfer to the court, where he could observe Persian customs, manners, and rituals.

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