The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana has ratings and 16 reviews. Lori said: This book is big. Really big. Vastly and hugely big. You may think it. Fantastic Victoriana is an incredibly ambitious work. Any work that sets out to call itself an “encyclopedia” of anything is immediately setting. When approaching any massive encyclopedic reference work such as Jess Nevins’s The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana, one of the first things to do is look.

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Other passions in his life include American football focusing on the Buffalo Bills ; classical, film and Celtic music; Star Wars; baked pasta dishes; and more chocolate and coffee than can really be healthy.

Jess Nevins’ The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana

These entries also make for interesting reads in their own right. I’m glad to say that Jess Nevins hasn’t squandered his lead. Jess Nevins is a reference librarian at Sam Houston State University in Texas, and he has written several books about the comic book work of Alan Moore. I did not recall the name of Edmond Dantes, so I came across that entry purely by random flipping through the book.

No mention is made of the cultural significance of most of the characters mentioned within, either in other books later on or in other media to come.

The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana – Jess Nevins, Michael Moorcock – Google Books

For instance, Nevins ranges well beyond fantastical literature of the period, sweeping in genre works of all kinds, including Westerns and detective fiction, but because of his expanded focus, Nevins’ choices are necessarily eclectic. What it is not an excellent example of is, strangely, an encyclopedia. Cracking into this book requires time and a wheelbarrowbut it’s time well spent.

Sima rated it victorjana was amazing Feb 19, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Entries such as “Fin de Siecle,” “Future War,” and “The Yellow Peril” serve as touchstones or maps to other entries which dig deeper into works discussing the issue at hand. It is worth mentioning, though, that there’s a considerable difference between Nevins’ writing style on his website and in the book. His ‘League’ notes are outstanding, though.


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The first thing that strikes you about this book is the magnificent front cover by John Picacio.

This is an incredible resource on 19th century pulp fiction gothic, horror, historical romance, et al. Victoraina book, for instance, doesn’t contain anything similar to the affected second person address of the website’s introduction.

I would hate to imagine trying to actually use the hardcopy version of it as an actual reference book.

While we’re at it, it’s worth mentioning that those two examples give an indication of the problem with using this book fzntastic a casual reference work—the inconsistency of the referencing schema. Vastly and hugely big. But I also couldn’t actually face reviewing it for some time, so boggled was my mind by the contents. This book is big.

Despite its resemblance to an encyclopedia, the work is sui generis. Mainly, this was because I felt I could do it more justice if I spent more time reading it. To the casual reader or observer, it sometimes may seem that the twentieth century was the time of real blossoming in terms of the Fantastic in literature: I’m also sure, however, that there are others beside me that must have looked at something filed in a particular place in Fantastic Victoriana and thought “huh?

Astral rated it it was amazing Jun 14, Books by Jess Nevins. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Thanks to Robert for sending this my way. It’s not a terrible one, mind you, but to approach it solely as a reference work is to miss its many strengths.

These act as descriptions of trends in the works of the time and establish social, political, and literary contexts in which the texts can be read. Hardcoverpages. Jess knows his stuff, and now thanks to his encyclopedia, so do I.


Highly recommended to Sherlockians and students of the Victorian pop literature scene alike! Fantastic Victoriana is an incredibly ambitious work. Great info on a lot of great characters.

Strange Horizons – The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana by Jess Nevins By Tim Phipps

Jul 09, Stephen Simpson rated it it was amazing Shelves: It absolutely boggles my mind to see the level of scholarship that goes in to a book like this.

It is over 1, pages long, its pages are large, and there are no illustrations. Having already spent years amassing enough books to stun a team of oxen in its tracks, realized what his life mission must be when he read that author Umberto Eco actually had to switch apartments because his old home could no longer support the weight of all his books.

As the title suggests this is in fact a straightforward encyclopedia, featuring listings and write-ups summarizing background, explaining character traits, etc…for hundreds of characters, ranging from the obvious to the obscure. Refresh and try again. Proudly powered by WordPress.

The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana

Wells, to Russian newspaper serials and Chinese martial arts novels, The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana is a truly exhaustive look at every aspect of fantastic literature in the days of Queen Victoria. Well worth the expense and perfect for either extended reading or to dip into here and there as time and interest require. I should also note that Nevins and I have occasionally corresponded with one another, usually in the context of something or other that I have written on my own weblog.

By this time, vicroriana, Nevins had also begun casting encyclopfdia net more widely, compiling information on fantastical literature of the V Reading encyclopediae is not normally my bag, but Jess Nevins’ encylopedia of genre research begged to be made an exception.

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