Emilie Autumn’s underground gothic phenomenon is born again in this completely “The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls is lots of fun, a kind of ‘ women in. The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls [Emilie Autumn] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. NOW IN PAPERBACK FOR THE VERY FIRST. In this gothic bestseller, two young women, living centuries apart, both accused of madness, communicate across time to fight a common enemy their doctors.

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The mad doctor in particular is confusing — is he just torturing them for fun? They are not all narcissistic! The Asylum Music Manuscript Notebook: This was directly published from her spiral notebook journal she penned in an asylum metal ring bound sp The book and author are ridiculous. I think she has a wild imagination and has aimed to shock with this book, but for me, I had the feeling it would be just as stereotypical to psychiatric related horror stories already told as her British is to the British culture stereotype.

Emilie would have been 17 in or there abouts, her birth year is certifiably – thus can be found with a quick internet search. Victoriaj because she has an intriguing quality about her. Write a customer review.

Even the author knew there has always been things heavily wrong with her book, that is why she cannot stop focusing on it and recycling it into every thing she possibly can, and has been chopping and changing it for the last, approaching, 8 years. Buy it, brew a cup of tea, and lose yourself. I cannot make my parents forget about it. The next section is the official check-in, where security goes through her things.

If the character of Emilie inhaled a highly concentrated solution of hydrogen peroxide she would have experienced the cause of severe irritation and inflammation of mucous membranes, with coughing and dyspnoea.

The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls

On top of this, they are often forced into sexual encounters at the profit of the Asylum. I think it might be due to poor writing. If there’s one thing I put stock in it’s that EA told a story that’s incredibly important to her and she was as honest as she could be.


Maybe she will remove the nonsense about apparently being related to Alice in wonderland too. Is this all part of the story or is it bad writing?

As for Emilie “Autumn’s” real name: While I think saying this book is “the best account of bipolar disorder ever penned” I’m slightly paraphrasing is a bold and not quite true statement, I do think this was an interesting look into EA’s mind in a way wholly unlike we get to see with her other work. This is evident in that mentally ill people are continually amongst the most at-risk for abuse.

Then you have a parallel world where women are aasylum for daring to stand up to the sick, unhealthy society they live in that rapes and abuses them without getting asykum for it. In the real world it does not. That summer was more real to them then it was to me.

She actually fuels and enforces stigmatization more: You are a sheep! Every girl in the asylum is beautifully characterized, and I am sure I will remember them for a very long time. I can’t say I saw much evidence of this at the time except for one or two reviews which have thankfully been deleted.

There is a lot of unnecessary ranting and self-pity to the point of being uninteresting. The community she Emilie Autumn has built through her music and storytelling is one of overwhelming love and acceptance. Her own website wasn’t established until and her career was non-existent really until Opheliac made it so.

Most of us not attractive and so there is no real compitition. This book is clearly very p This book is amazing, definitely on of my favourites.

The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls: Emilie Autumn: : Books

Can’t actually believe Emilie Autumn wrote this after how much she portrays herself as an intellectual. Her nickname is “Valentine,” for the heart-shaped scar on her cheek.

It’s such bullshit, it’ll make you cry. If they took her other shit, they would take this because you can make emillie damn noose out of these babies.

The reason she fails to report him? Will everyone like it?


But now the age changing and time scale alterations are getting extreme. Emilie never saw her again. The fictional parts are dramatized to make them sound more horrific than they historically were and the accounts from Emilie’s own experience are even more numbing because you know that they are not make believe. But her outcry is why I am going to choose how I write my review carefully because clearly t I have to say there seems to be a lot of ungenuine high ratings on this book to keep the rating up after Autums very public outcry regarding her book being rated one star.

She rambles about sugar and breaking sugar down into each element, and then she says that sugar contains acid? Letters From The Looney Bin. This was the only story I cared for and the only reason I made my purchase, I have often been fascinated by what goes on within the creative mind of this unapologetic and at times discourteous artist, so when this was available at a price I could afford I made my purchase in hopes to discover more about the author and why their behaviour is how it is.

It is sad that the author cannot understand that not everyone is going to enjoy their book. Dutch – Nederlands The asylum for wayward Victorian girls, door: Depression is the invisible plague. Like the members of the strip I feel like I’ve found some kindred spirits within the book of a kind I’ve never known before. However–the reason for that may lie in the fact that this book wasn’t actually written about just one hospital stay.

Because you are bipolar, it apparently excuses your behavior towards others with mental illness and makes it okay for you to pick at them with sick remarks and name calling? It may be a hard read for some people who do not like to read about suffering and pain. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

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