Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering, Chennai. EC Wireless Networks WIRELESS NETWORK: Unit I MEDIUM ACCESS ALTERNATIVES SESSION. EC wireless Networks VIII Semester ECE EC – Wireless Networks VIII Write short notes on collision mechanism in No persistent CSMA Protocol?. ECWIRELESS NETWORKS. is unique about voice voice oriented wireless network? write short notes on i> SMS in GSM ii>RAKE receiver.

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The access methods for wireless LANs are as follows: Mention the problem in integrated services. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

The main objective of GSM is to remove any incompatibility among the systems by allowing the roaming phenomenon for any cell phone. It is known as non-persistent sensing mechanism. Due to fading, packets from different transmitting stations can arrive with different transmitting power values.

What is meant by SMS? Explain the need for demand based routing protocol for wireless sensor networks. These resources are used for data services which does not require severe delay. Click here to sign up. Draw the MAC management frame format.

List the classification of sensor networks. The aim of IEEE Location tracking is required when the network attempts to deliver a call to the mobile user. What is the purpose of developing the second generation systems?


EC Wireless Network – Question bank | Devasena A. –

Draw the packet frame format of WATM. The major protocols include IEEE Help Center Find new research papers in: Mention the three error correction mechanism used by Bluetooth systems. Handoff depends on cell size, boundary length, signal strength, fading, reflection and refraction of signals, man-made noise.

List the groups made by random access methods for mobile data services?

Wireless Networks Notes ECE 8th Semester Notes

Explain in detail about Bluetooth architecture 8. Explain the Iwreless That is, if no channel is available, the handoff is blocked and the call is held on the current channel in the old cell until the call is completed or when the failing link is no longer available.

Then the station transmits its packet. Then it resumes the conversation on the old BS. Give the classifications of Handoff.

ECWireless Networks-Lecture notes for unit 1-edition

Skip to main content. Learn how your comment data is processed. Wirelews the table driven protocols. Explain the MAC protocols of wireless sensor networks in detail. April Part B 1. A MANET mobile ad hoc networks consists of a number of mobile devices that come together to form a network as needed, without any support from any existing Internet infrastructure or any other kind of fixed stations.

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Comments Useful to us. Explain in detail roaming netowrks in wireless network. What is the frequency band and channel bandwidth specification of WiMax Standard?

What do you mean by Handoff? Explain the different types of wireless sensor networks in detail. The MS synchronizes to BS2. Explain MAC layer challenges in wireless sensor networks in detail. If the terminal sense the channel until the channel becomes free, this is known as persistent mechanism.

Compare hierarchical routing and flat routing in sensor networks. Design a WLAN for an office building based on statistical models with certain information provided. The strongest packet will be transmitted. Netwokrs me on this computer. List the two types of schemes available to allocate a single broadcast channel among competing nodes.

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