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This is the New Thought which in time will fulfil itself in the New Order, and we thus provide new thought-conditions which enable the Spirit to carry on its creative work from a new stand-point, that of our own individuality. If, then, this idea vore clearly grasped, it logically follows from it that the Root of Life is not to be found in the comparison of good and evil, but in the simple affirmation of the Spirit as the All-creating power of Good.

I believe that everybody must regard these as figures under which a recondite sense is concealed. And it will come by a natural law of growth, because the Spirit is in itself the Principle of Increase.

The Dore Lectures on mental science by Thomas Troward – Chapter 1

The more perfect, therefore, the working of the personal factor, the greater will be the results developed from the Trlward Law; and hence our lines of study should be two-fold–on the one hand the theoretical study of the action of Universal Law, and on the other the practical fitting of ourselves to make use of it; and if the present volume should assist any reader in this two-fold quest, it will have answered its purpose.

When we thus learn the Law of our own being we shall be able to specialize it in ways of which troard have hitherto but little conception, but as in the case of tnomas natural laws the specialization cannot take place until the fundamental principle of the generic law has been fully realized.

Available for the first time in audio, this extraordinary ldctures of lessons gives you a radical new understanding of your own possibilities. It gets you focused on your dreams and goals with very simple to understand directions. But if our thought possesses this creative power, why are we hampered by adverse conditions? Life is BEING, it is the experience of states of consciousness, and there is an unfailing correspondence between these inner states and our outward conditions.

Its purpose is to indicate the Natural Principles governing the relation between Mental Action and Material Conditions, and toward to afford the student an intelligible starting point for the practical study of the subject.

The Doré Lectures by T. Troward – Free Ebook

Eileen Campbell rated it it was amazing Mar 07, This is the perfect subsistence of the thing in the thought. His explanations of how to pray and meditate, heal oneself spiritually, find self confidence, and express love have helped millions change their lives for the better. Whole volumes have been written on the topics that Murphy boils down to their essentials in this all-in-one guide. There are, it appears to me, trowarf heights in the doctrine of Christ designed by the Supreme Wisdom to counteract corresponding occult depths in the Mystery of Darkness.

But then we are told that: Therefore it is that our evolution as centres of CREATIVE activity, the exponents of new laws, and through them of new conditions, depends on our realizing in the Divine Mind the architype of mental perfection, at once as thought and feeling.

And since, as we have already seen, this same all-creating Spirit finds a centre and fresh starting-point of operation in our own minds, we can trust it to follow the Law of its own being there as much as in the creation of the cosmos. This realization of the true relation between the Originating Spirit and the individual mind is what is esoterically spoken of as the Mystical Marriage in which the two have ceased to be separate and have become one.


Then, because the Spirit is always the same, we may look for a repetition of the creative process at a higher level, and, as we all know, that process consists first of the involution of Spirit into Substance, and consequently of the subsequent evolution of Substance into forms continually increasing in fitness as vehicles for Spirit: Thought without feeling may be constructive as in some great engineering work, but it can never be creative as in the work of the artist or musician; and that which originates within itself a new order of causation is, so far as all pre-existing forms are concerned, a creation ex nihilo, and is therefore Thought expressive of Feeling.

We shut our eyes to the fact that the Omega of completion already subsists in the Alpha of conception, and that the Alpha of conception would be nothing but a lying illusion if it was not capable of expression in the Omega of completion.

Hence by the requirements of the case man should be capable of placing himself either in a positive or a negative relation to the Parent Mind, from which he originates; otherwise he would be nothing more than a clockwork figure. The Octave is the starting-point of a new series reduplicating the starting-point of the previous series at a different level, just as does the octave note in music.

The form thoas by dote outward conditions, whether of body or circumstance, lextures on the form taken by our thoughts and feelings, and our thoughts and feelings will take form from that source from which we allow them to receive suggestion. This means realizing our life as drawn direct from the Originating Spirit; and if we now understand that the Thought or Imagination of the Spirit is the great reality of Being, and that all material facts lecturse only correspondences, then it logically follows that what we have to do is to maintain our individual place in the Thought of the Parent Mind.

If these things be so, why does not every individual express the life, love, and beauty of the Universal Spirit? Paul’s words, “He hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Now, one of these conditions is to recognize it as Intelligence, and to remember that when working through our own mentality it in no way changes its essential nature, just as electricity loses none of its essential qualities in passing through the special apparatus which enables it to manifest as light. They ARE reproduced in the world of nature, so far as a mechanical and automatic action can represent them, but their perfect reproduction can only take place on the basis of a liberty akin to that of the Originating Spirit itself, which therefore implies the liberty of negation as well as of affirmation.

Vishal rated it it was amazing Oct 11, So long as we insist on dictating the particular form which the action of the Spirit is to take, we limit it, and so close against ourselves avenues of expansion which might otherwise have been open to us; and if we ask ourselves why we do this we shall find that in the last resort it is because we do not believe in the Spirit as a FORMING power.

This being so, our own mind is the expression of a Divine Thought. But we must never lose sight of the reason for the creative power of our thought, that it is because our mind is itself a thought of the Divine Mind, and that consequently our increase in livingness and creative power must be in exact proportion to our perception of our relation to the Parent Mind.

That the Universal cannot act on the plane of the Particular except by becoming the particular, that is by expression through the individual. If the Spirit can create at all then you cannot logically limit the extent or method of its working; and since the basis of our expectation of individual expansion is the limitless creative power of the Spirit, to reject the Christ of the Gospels as an impossibility is to cut away the ground from under our own feet.


He does not at all deny the power of his own thought as the creative agent in his own personal world,–on the contrary it is precisely on the knowledge of this fact that his perception of the true adjustment between the principles of Life is based; but for this very reason he is the more solicitous to be led by that Wisdom which can see what he cannot see, so that his personal control over the conditions of his own life may be employed to its continual increase and development. Free with day trial Membership details Membership details 30 days of membership free, plus 1 audiobook and 2 Audible Originals to get you started.

We say, If I had such and such conditions they would produce the state of feeling which I desire; and in so saying we run the risk of making a mistake as to the correspondence, for it may turn out that the particular conditions which we fixed on are not such as would produce the desired state.

Such a worshipper would gladly escape from his divinity, and his worship, when analyzed, will be found to be little else than disguised hatred. I benefitted from the information, I just did not find myself enjoying the read – much like my time with school textbooks. But even there Law reigns supreme, and therefore taking Christ as our basis and starting-point, we start with the Law already fulfilled, whether in those things which are familiar to us or in those realms which are beyond our thought, and so we need have nc fear of evil.

Mentz does an outstanding job of extracting and codifying the teachings of Haanel and Wattles in the executive guide.

The Doré Lectures by T. Troward

He points to the sequence of cause and effect, by which death, disease, and disaster, hold their sway over the individual, and says that sequence is law. It is the paradox of the less containing the greater. Remember, everything starts in the mind. Hence what it contemplates is not how its action will be modified by that of some second principle, something which will compel it to work in a particular manner tnomas so limit it; but what it contemplates is its own Unity.

Thomas Troward – Dore Lectures on Mental Science

When we realize this on the one hand, and on the other that all external conditions, including the body, are produced by thought, we find ourselves standing between two infinites, the infinite of Mind and the infinite of Substance–from both of which we can draw what we will, and mould specific conditions out of the Universal Substance by the Creative Power which we draw in from the Universal Mind.

It is trowarrd same method by which all scientific advance is made. Alpha and Omega, the First and the Lectuures.

The reason for this is that by its very nature the Principle of Life must be prolific, that is, tending to Multiplicity, and therefore the original Thought-image must be fundamental to whole races, and not exclusive to particular individuals. Lists with This Book. And since what makes a law generic is precisely the fact that it does not supply the specific conditions, it follows that dorr conditions for the specializing of the Law must be provided lectires the individual.

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