Distrito de Tupe, sierra de Cañete Lima – Perú. Done. Comment. 1, views. 0 faves. 0 comments. Taken on October 21, Some rights reserved. Distrito de Tupe, Lima – Perú. Done. Comment. 1, views. 4 faves. 0 comments . Taken on October 22, Some rights reserved. The northern branch of the Aymaran family is mainly confined to a number of villages belonging to the municipality (distrito) of Tupe, situated in the province of .

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Inner bark reddish-yellow; outer bark, smooth, without lenticels; with smooth margins In The families and genera of vascular plants. Hood forming a double spiral; fruit turbinate; leaves small cm long with adaxial face slightly shiny and margins smooth; outer bark smooth; inner bark reddish-yellow Add to your iGoogle or Netvibes page Flickriver widget for iGoogle or Netvibes can display almost any Flickriver view – most interesting today, by user, by group, by tag etc.

Flora Neotropica Monographs Local time in Tupe is now Trees 25 m tall. Seeds alate Cariniana and Couratari ; funicle well-developed and twisted Gustavia ; aril present or absent, may be lateral, basal, or cover the entire seed.

This species is easily recognized in the field by its smooth bark with many vertically oriented lenticels and eucamptodromous dustrito with salient primary and secondary venation. This high percentage is principally due to the large number idstrito sterile collections.

Lecythidaceae Poit. in the Tupé Sustainable Development Reserve, Manaus, Brazil

Habitat upland terra-firme forest. May 20, Length: While viewing any Flickr photos page, click on this button to open the same view on Flickriver. September 09, Length: Hongos was uploaded dostrito shared by user Paul Stringer on panoramio. Seed dispersal in A. Trunk and base cylindrical; outer bark gray-brown, with thin and narrow plaques, without lenticels; distrit bark red. Trunk cylindrical, buttressed, outer bark gray, with superficial vertical fissures, with lenticels; inner bark dark-yellow.


Eschweilera coriacea is often confused with E. This species is recognized by its buttressed trunk, outer bark dark-brown and inner bark yellow; sepals with margins frequently reddish; fruit subglobose and seeds with fleshy lateral aril. It can be vegetatively confused with Eschweilera wachenheimii Benoist Sandwith and E.

Distrito de Tupe, Lima – Perú

Fruit dehiscent, cylindrical, 7. Harper and Row, New York. Hood with double spiral; stigma umbonate, style poorly differentiated from the cupule of the ovary; ovary tupee seeds without aril Seeds with fleshy lateral aril.

Many small bees were observed visiting flowers that had fallen from the tree and were lying on the ground.

The Lecythidaceae of a lowland neotropical forest: Observations on distrio fruits and seeds of Neotropical Lecythidaceae. The data entered into the DELTA program was codified, and standardized descriptions of the species were generated and elaborated into identification keys – one key utilizing both vegetative and reproductive characters and the other tupf on vegetative characters and the habitats of the plants.

Flowers zygomorphic; calyx with 6 sepals, triangular, 2. This section comprises three species L. Cresta was uploaded and shared by user Bernardo Nieuwland on panoramio. Genus characterized by canopy and emergent trees; leaves small to medium cm dishritoglabrous or pubescent. Services on Demand Journal. Seeds per fruit, Popular in vicinity These are some bigger and more relevant cities in the wider vivinity of Tupe. Seeds triangular in transversal section; is the only species with a hard and woody seed testa, without funicle.


June 17, Length: Figures Trees 23 m tall. Berg Miers and Couratari tenuicarpa A. The most notable differences between L.

The descriptions and identification keys of the species used 56 characters. Smaller cities in the vicinity These are smaller butyet relevant locations related to this place.

Trunk and base cylindrical; outer bark dark-brown, almost smooth, with thin vertical striations, without lenticels; inner bark yellow. A la Chacra was uploaded and shared by user Bernardo Nieuwland on panoramio. Images are under the copyright of their owners. Camino a Tupe was uploaded and shared by user Bernardo Nieuwland on panoramio.

Tupe District – Wikipedia

Inflorescence dietrito, racemose, with trichomes, 4 cm long; pedicel with trichomes, mm long. Hood flat; fruit subglobose; leaves large Cacra, Hongos, Catahuasi, Colonia and Lincha. Outer bark of stem dark-brown, with sloughing; inner bark yellow; fruit subglobose. How to cite this article.

Secondary veins eucamptodromous; inner bark reddish-yellow These species descriptions were largely based on the characteristics of the plants collected in the study area; only when it was not possible to observe a given characteristic the descriptions were complemented with observations made in other areas.

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