Breath of Fire IV. After centuries of war, the two lands bordering an impenetrable swampland have finally reached an armistice. Mysterio.

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Breath of Fire 4 (e)

This means all the bots will attack Ershin, who will automatically counter them, and thus Maelstrom’s effect will trigger.

Go to the back of the house and there is a child sitting on the ground. The only difference is there are three barrels inside the cave.

She tells everyone that Detonaeo and her are the unchanged people and asks Nina what she knows about this. Head up detonaod only staircase on this roof of the Karma Tower to find a recovery spring and a dragon that will record your journey. Put Karn at the front of your party and talk to him to obtain Doof.

Talk to the man here and Karn will learn Shin! You will soon learn why.

Its not a boss fight, it’s not a fight at all, it’s the most confusing maze. However, the prince thinks Cray’s reason is rubbish, where he does not believe a princess of one of the union of nations is on enemy’s land and Cray is very dissatisfied with what the prince has said. Watch out for the opponent’s magical attack. Begin by walking a bit forward to a detlnado fork.

Once you have control again, step onto the only teleport tile in the room and you will be sent back to the heart room.


Breath of Fire FAQ/Walkthrough for Super Nintendo by Dark Vortex – GameFAQs

Later on in the game, he gets pretty much useless and only good to fuse with Karn. Enter and operate the engine to close the left gate. It seems like Ryu is not confident riding a real horse and the boy gave this animal, which is smaller and easier to ride. They have a good attack and since Nina has a horrid attack it is a good thing. Head north of that dresser and move the dresser there and head down. If players fail to guess the value of information all the money bet will be returned and players have firee try again.

This cave has easy monsters, so don’t worry about dying. Inside is a kid standing next to a hole. The stat bonuses from the Abbess make Nina an unstoppable juggernaut of magical destruction, and she gets her last three moves in one fell swoop.

You will see the Agua Tower. It also threats Ryu and his party that they do not belong in this world. Get out of bed and follow the blue figure. To chain magic combo, make sure not to chain Combined Magic, as the second magic that chains the previous one becomes all target magical attack. Bleu says she can’t heal her, unless she has some oil.

Breath of Fire – Walkthrough

All that is left is the armor section and this guide is beath. After you beat the Knight talk to the machine defonado take out the key. Once the Lancers are taken care of, you can focus on the General. Then cast attack up on Karn and Ox and have her heal and attack. Be careful, the monsters here are a bit tough. After that, wait for the strong wind to jump up to the opposite ledge with the chest.


Ryu and Master, who are in front of Nina, discover that Nina has disappeared.

Breath of Fire 4 (e) Lösung / Walkthrough

Notice that there is a hidden cave on northwest corner. He gains levels pretty quickly, but will have low attack and defense.

Tyr encouraged the fighting and watched the war between the Dragons escalate.

After finding Chino, he says when Elina left the city, he saw a merchant at the main gate of the city. Then just heal and attack whenever necessary. This place is great od level up. After that, everything is vanished and Nina and Cray are wakened. Roulette lets you select a person on the field, an action they can perform, and who to detonaeo it on.

The guild owner of Prima will congratulate you. After that cast Attack up on Ryu and continue attacking Pog. Return to the map and go back to Rudia Town. Talk to one of the guard and they will allow brath party to enter.

When the voice appears again, Nina is getting smaller and smaller, finally she has been shrunken to about an ant’s size!

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