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The fungal diversity of Calabria is strongly influenced by plant diversity and species composition in forest ecosystems and the impact of forest management.

Daniel Simon Richter

Both leaf surfaces are hairy but upper surfaces are more hairless; leaf margins are coarsely and often irregularly serrate; upper leaf petioles are dilated at base to form a pair of stipules like auricles. Northern and western boundaries of the investigated area are clearly demarcated by the rivers Seiraios and Erimanthos respectively. A Fiasco Playset Fiasco The specimen collected at Lamluda is not in FI.

A floristic exploration was made during October-November to map the spatial distribution and to measure some biological traits of this species. This may explain why old French floras only indicate D.


Steinberg sub Puccinellia distans Parl. These formations are often interspersed with scattered individuals of deciduous elements such as Quercus pubescens, Fraxinus ornus, Crataegus spp.

Ecology and coenology of macrofungi in grasslands and moist heathlands in Drenthe, the Netherlands: Plantaginaceae, flow cytometry, chromosome number, morphology, pollen.

Male monddnkaiser were located at the base of perichaetium, just below seta gonioautoicous. A plant produces 29 to capitula. Garbari PisaW. Ptychomitrium polyphyllum is locally associated with P. It is a national extension of the small known European area of this species. The field labels bring the handwriting by Zanon. Limonium teuchirae Brullo in Webbia 33 1: Das Jahr des Greifen I. Tra Agedabia ed el-agheila l. Karyological data of some endemic taxa from Mt Taigetos, Greece J.

The rer of E. Verbesina encelioides, Golden Crownbeard Magnoliopsida: La gestione delle Pinete di laricio nelle Aree Protette. Mosses of Eastern North America, 2.

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Champignons de Suisse, 3. After a cold pretreatment at def C for 24 h, root tips were fixed with an ethanol-acetic acid solution 4: Such misidentification may have also arisen because young fronds of A. One single specimen, indicated as FI, can therefore be designed here 2nd step as Lectotypus see article 9. Maugini, all material in FI. Photos by Stephen Mifsud.


Umm Rcham Dactylis glomerata var. The frequent unknown origin perhaps botanic gardens of some plants used for karyological studies makes data on chromosome accounts of D.

Daniel Simon Richter – Wiki Aventurica, das DSA-Fanprojekt

Pichi Sermolli, FI, Lectotypus designated here. On the basis of literature data and personal observation, a list of species Basidiomycetes, 18 Ascomycetes and 1 Zygomycetes belonging to genera included in 70 mondenkaiseg is here reported for Calabria.

Comparative morphological study of the stomata in the Filicopsida. Cuscuta campestris Cuscutaceae une holoparasite nouvelle et envahissante pour la flore de Tunisie M. Tags separate by space: It covers also the area between the two mountains Bal.

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On the relationship between polyploidy and the occurrence of pollen-grains with an increased number of germinal aperture in the tribe Brassiceae. Zanon, Maugini ; Rend. The lack of substantiated records for several decades after Borg s records led to the assumption that A.

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