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The idea was to renew “the Catholic tradition, of social justice and high human sense that informed the legislation of the empire” Decreto de 9 de marzo,p.

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From its general dissemination services, the institute tried to “stimulate” the creation of conditions in the working environment that helped “respect to be obtained” for the preventive steps Servicios,p. This situation, which, as Turner has shown, has been occurring from the inception of welfare policy contributing to project negative images of welfare claimants, has survived into the era of the modern welfare state Turner, As if there were precepts or orders from a superior being to a lesser 2060, the idea was set forth decreti the ” productores ” had to follow the “safety commandments”, a code of conduct that included actions applicable to themselves, but which also meant looking 570 for the safety of those around them Conceptos,pp.

This meant indoctrinating them about a series of concepts: Caja Nacional de Seguro de Accidentes del Trabajo. This is the point where the rhetoric resorted to religious metaphors to emphasise the obligatory nature of fulfilling the health and safety recommendations at work.

In fact, the Fuero del Ce became the centre point from which the social policy of the ” Nuevo Estado ” spread. Franco himself took on its leadership and it was established as the only political organisation that legally existed in the Nuevo Estado New State.

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This abstract may be abridged. Foucault considered that “biopolitics” would include two new technologies for governing people: The prolonged crisis of capitalism forms one of the main elements, along with the “explosion of ethnic-racist nationalism”, of the “irreconcilable demands for territorial revisionism” and the “acute class conflict”, which have been indicated to explain the reasons leading to the conflicts that would show their most tragic consequences in the Second World War.


Los ilegales de la Naturaleza. Therefore, from the pages of the first issue of their magazine, they highlighted the fact that the work performed by experts with special training in this subject was “highly necessary”, and they stated that the state needed “many thousands” of this type of doctor to help Spanish industry resolve several significant problems: The latter required the creation of a public insurance body to prevent the fact that, when faced with particularly serious risks, no private insurance company could be found to voluntarily accept to insure the worker.

Political Anatomy of the Body. Medicina y Seguridad del Trabajo.

These conclusions were going to be launched in the near future. Franco’s regime Ruiz Resa,pp. Revista Electronica de Administracao and its content may not be copied or emailed to multiple sites or posted to a listserv without the copyright holder’s express written permission.

In effect, during the Franco regime occupational medicine worked as a “discipline” which contributed to exercise a form of “bio-power” over the “productores”. They were also entrusted with the following: In fact, the Franco regime had already taken a highly relevant step in relation to this.

The condition of “invalid for work” was established by an expert and served to show that the persons to whom this characteristic was attributed should not be viewed as persons ddecreto honour, but as fallen victims in the fulfilment of their duty as “producers”.

When dealing with the “national policy” regarding hygiene, he mentioned the existence of three fundamental circumstances that could arise during a person’s life in 57077 to their capacity to perform a work activity: Dynamis, 14 We must stop to analyse its contents, which are linked to other regulations ddecreto and proclaimed in Nazi Germany and in fascist Italy, not only to show the ideological tone that upheld it, but to identify the principles that fed 57707 legislative actions undertaken by the Franco regime on the subject of work, and how the question of disability was included in them.


What is more, as was indicated in article 3, the workers who did not follow the Regulation and “in general, any legal precept regarding health and safety at work”, could receive sanctions that could be more or less serious cautions, fines or even dismissal.

In this way, the growing job of the doctors during the Franco regime to rule out the cases of fraud contributed to promoting in Spain two images: The way in which the Franco Regime valued work, and therefore how phenomena such as disability could have a negative effect on it, 57707 used to promote occupational medicine.

It is easy to recognise here an expression of decrefo concern with the health and strength of workforces and army forces and with their reproduction that Pickstone called “productionist medicine”. The Regulation meant overcoming the legal principle of “occupational risk”, which attributed the whole responsibility for the accidents to the employer and decret the workers who suffered the accidents exempt from any responsibility.

At the beginning of the s, with the change of scene produced by the introduction of a gradually liberalising policy, industrial production would show very noteworthy growth rates.

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Endnotes 7507 statement about the valuable role that medicine could play in the sustainment of the Franco regime has also been indicated for the case of Hitler’s Germany. Productivity, Disability and Medicine in Franco’s Spain, Moreover the Institute had to be used to “inspire an efficient action and an effective propaganda, particularly on the subject of prevention of accidents at work” Decreto,pp. On the one hand, it was necessary to dcereto the conviction that the ” productores ‘” bodily integrity represented an essential value for his individual future, but also for the collective future.

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