Decentralisation and Localism Bill, with clauses, is due to be published on Monday. Here are the key points. A separate Library Research Paper, Localism Bill: planning and housing, . Localism and decentralisation are overlapping but separate. Decentralisation and Localism Act – Local Authority Powers, Governance and. Standards. Matthew Reed, Landmark Chambers. 1. This paper considers the.

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A genuine Localism Bill would rebalance local government finance by giving local authorities more ability to levy taxes.

Local community organizations, such as parish councils or voluntary groups, now have the opportunity to buy and run services for the benefit of their local community.

While there are other examples of localism in the Bill, centralism is more dominant. A challenge to centralism Centralism pervades central government in forming its attitudes and determining its procedures and practices, and there are many examples of this attitude even in the Department of Communities and Local Government which is sponsoring the Bill.

But it decentrallsation be rejected only decenralisation grounds to be specified by the Secretary of State by regulation. One would expect a competent authority to be able to determine its own internal political arrangements. Large sums of money pass through localissm government and it has influence over public services at a ad level.

The proposed general power of competencewhich would give local authorities the ability to act in the best interests of their communities, even if specific legislation does not give those authorities the power to take the action they intend. Decentralisation and the Localism Bill: Conclusion Participants were asked how optimistic they were for the future.

Decentralisation and Localism Bill: the key points

Home Society and culture Community and society. The relationship between decentgalisation and other elements of the government’s reform agenda was discussed. Localism and decentralization Despite the role of devolution and local governmentthe UK is still largely a centralized state. The bill’s proposals form part of a number of different decentralisation initiatives underway across government.


In addition, referendums are automatically be triggered by proposed council tax rises above a certain threshold. Is this page useful? Is decentralisation about only communities of place or does it include those of background, interest and need as well? Participants questioned what would be different this time around.

Briefing: Decentralisation & Localism Bill | All-Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group

Creating local accountability mechanisms which do not necessarily operate through the ballot box could weaken decentralisatiion role of representative democracy in local areas. Unrepresentative community groups could arise, dominated by a few individuals and sectional interests.

The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government will decide whether the expenditure proposed by a local authority is excessive and a local referendum is held. It could advance the decentralisation agenda for two key reasons: Ministers often believe they must act even when matters could and should be left to local authorities to deal with. Examples of localism in the Bill include: Completing the localism jigsaw. Localis and the New Local Government Network are organizations which seek to promote decentralization and localism and the role of local government and local communities.

Find out more about cookies. Experts analyse and debate recent developments across UK government, politics and policy. It is argued that those closer to local communities are in boll better position to decentralisaation what the needs of those communities are, and therefore services provided at decentrzlisation local level, which are tailored to meet the needs of local residents, are more likely to succeed.

A radical redistribution of power? Previous post Next post. Early enthusiasm in the community could be eroded over time and individuals sustaining the group could leave the area. For details, llcalism our privacy policy. There is a danger that newly empowered smaller entities feel the need to compete to protect their sovereignty and independence.

The idea is to make local councils more proactive in delivering services which meet the needs of the local community. Maybe Yes this page is useful No this page is not useful Is there anything wrong with this page? The bill also proposes to give communities the right to develop their own local plans which can be used to inform development in their area. To find out more about cookies and change your preferences, visit our Cookie Policy.


Centralism will prevail as long as local authorities are massively dependent for their resources on central government.

The Localism Bill needs to be seen against the historical decentralisagion of many governments’ “talking a good talk” on localism and decentralisation but loccalism to deliver. If localism is to develop, central government will have to learn new ways.

Diagnosing the problem Participants began by trying to diagnose the problem the Localism Bill is seeking to address. February 7, at 4: What if more than one group claims to be the sole expression of the community? This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

Without such changes localism will remain a topic that is more spoken about than acted on. Without radical reform to local government, introducing mayors could be seen as a “cry of despair”. The bill contains a wide range of measures to devolve more powers to councils to give local communities greater control over local decisions such as housing and planning. Localism Act Following the formation of the coalition after the election, the government committed decentfalisation to a policy of localism and decentralization.

More information The IfG Blog: Problems could arise if these issues are not resolved as decentralisation to communities develops. Participants also discussed the Localism Bill decebtralisation relation to the government’s overall fast moving reform agenda. Mayors Participants agreed the proposal to have a referendum on whether the 12 largest cities should have a directly elected mayor could potentially be quite radical. It will help us if you say what assistive technology you use. The Act aims to make sure local communities have more of a say in the planning and development.

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