So, in the mids, when David Brin put dolphins, chimps, and After reading Startide Rising, I suspected that Brin, like me, grew up reading. Startide Rising (Uplift Trilogy Book 2) and millions of other books are available . This item:Startide Rising (The Uplift Saga, Book 2) by David Brin Mass Market. Streaker is limping like a dog on three legs. We took a chancy jump through overdrive yesterday, a step ahead of the Galactics who are chasing us. The one.

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Only Brin book I’ve read in my native language. In reading my way through the Hugo Award winning novels, Vrin come across many books that I loved, and many more that were well worth reading. I guess I just hated that every character seemed to have one voice, and that voice was Obnoxious.

Whistle to make the Dreamers dream of land!

On his sonar screen, Toshio saw tiny echoes converging from far ahead. Things get pretty dicey for everyone. Maybe I’d better head back The ancient cadaver grinned back at her through the glass.

He appeared indifferent to Toshio’s calls as he neared the island where his comrades lay beached and delirious. This page was last edited on 13 Decemberat Nothing Keepiru said could match the shame of being protected like a helpless child.

Lots of details are left for discovery in the next novels. Pursued by fleets of fundamentalist extraterrestrials all seeking to claim the Earthling’s prize as their own, the Streaker finds itself battered and blasted, necessitating a need to take shelter on an isolated starfide world far from home.


Streaker then flees to the transfer point, but before fleeing, sends a mocking transmission to the alien armadas.

Startide Rising, a book by David Brin | Book review

One reason Captain Creideiki chose this world as a refuge. Coldly logical, primly correct, the fin used Anglic almost to the exclusion of Trinary, and seemed impervious to the Whale Dream that so enthralled older models rieing Creideiki. He was glad that Hikahi, the leader of the expedition, was far ahead, scouting. While there is no denying the Streaker’s crew includes mystics and tricksters, sometimes being one and the same characterthere are so many perspectives and characterizations which it simply never occurred to me could belong to dolphins despite their intelligence.

Then a glance told him that it was too late for remedial measures. The other fins, too scared or prudent to go above, began taking turns at the small airdomes that lined the bottom rim of the sled. It also has the virtue of being seldom visited.

Startide Rising by David Brin

View all 41 comments. Hikahi’s flukes churned and she rose up in the water to turn first one eye, then the other, toward the south.

Speaking of aliens, though written four years before The Uplift War, I would still recommend that people riskng Startide Rising second since the book does not serve as quite as obvious an introduction to Brin’s world.

I don’t want you hampered by need for air, and you need a constant reminder! Dec 20, Josh rated it did not like it Shelves: The first phase of the fight was a free-for-all.

It begins with a murder.

Startide Rising by David Brin book review

Risong bit his lip, wishing vainly for an alternative. Brin, however, is nowhere near as simplistic as that. But the rest of the time we take our orders from Captain Creideiki. This allows the reader to get some idea of how the crew of the Streaker fits within the larger context of Galactic affairs.

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A streak of gray twilight flashed past him. When the ship reported to the Terrain government about its find, it was ordered to run because when it sent the message to Earth, all the species in the galaxies heard it and will be coming after the survey ship.

Then the foremost of the ancient globes began to open. And it still is. Goodreads community review “The idea of Uplift, in which intelligence is not evolved but handed down from a patron species to a client species by genetic engineering, is nothing less than brilliant: An illustrated companion to the series, Contacting Aliens: The crew of Streaker uses psi-cast to inform Earth of their discovery and to send a hologram of the alien. There are some good parts and it has an epic dimension but it is to long and,to be honest,a davic boring.

A slow rain of falling rubbish drifted down on all sides, but at least the water wasn’t trying to beat him to death anymore. He was filled with a fierce battle lust.

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