SUBJECT CODE / Name: CS – ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. UNIT – II. PART -A (2 Marks). LOGICAL REASONING. 1. What factors determine the selection. Artificial Intelligence CS – Two mark Question Bank 2. Define Artificial Intelligence in terms of human performance. The art of creating machines that. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 2 MARKS AND 16 MARKS ANNA UNIVERSITY CSE 7TH SEMESTER ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 2 MARKS.

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Compare different uninformed search strategies in terms of the four evaluation criteria. A belief network is a graph in which the following holds – A set of random variables – Intelligencee set of directive links or arrows connects pairs of nodes. It is optimal if enough memory is available to store the shallowest optimal solution path.

Define Non monotonic reasoning.

Artificial Intelligence CS2351 – Two mark Question Bank

What is the need for probability theory in uncertainty? How will you over- come it? What are the ways in which one can understand the semantics of a belief network? Itelligence 16, 0. What is meant by belief network? There are two ways to see the network as a representation of the joint probability distribution to view it as an encoding of collection of conditional independence statements.

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This is known as MEU. Please feel free to share you feedback cw2351 comments so that i can improve this blog. List any two NLP systems.

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Agent program is a function that implements the agents mapping from percept to actions. What is its use?

Give the drawback of DFS. Construct parse trees for given sentences. Explain the ontology of situation calculus. Intflligence a Proof A sequence of application of inference rules is called a proof. Define Logic Logic is one which consist of i. A complete plan is one in which every precondition of every step is achieved by some other step.

Explain artifickal limited search. Describe the four categories under which AI is classified with examples. What is its role? Draw a learning curve for the decision tree algorithm Different varieties of queuing fn produce different intelligeence of the search algorithm.

Iterative deepening is a strategy that sidesteps the issue of choosing the best depth limit by trying all possible depth limits: Learning by managing models.

The elevation of a link to the artifiicial of a describable node is a kind of reification. Applied Hydraulic Engineering—2 Marks with Answers List the basic elements that are to be include in problem definition. A plateaux is an area of the state space where the evaluation fn is essentially flat.

What does Turing test mean? What is truth Preserving An inference algorithm that derives only entailed sentences is called sound or truth preserving. Process which is based on artiticial useful regularity out of data, usually called as Data base mining: Process which is based on coupling new information to previously acquired knowledge a. Anna University of Technology Coimbatore – Affilia A set of ordering constraints. Anna University Department of Civil Engineering Cs23351.


The goal of the machine is to fool the interrogator into believing that is the person. Define a knowledge Base: What are the three levels in describing knowledge based agent? Turing defined intelligent behaviour as the ability to achieve human-level performance in all cognitive tasks, sufficient to fool an interrogator.

Each episode consists of agents perceiving and then acting. List the steps in performing a state-space karks.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE–Question Bank (All Units) ~ Vidyarthiplus (V+) Blog – A Blog for Students

Similarity net is a representation in which nodes denotes models, links connect similar models and links are tied to different descriptions.

An atomic event is an assignment of particular values to all variables, in other words, the complete specifications of the state of domain. Ever thing that the agent has perceived so far.

State the reason why first order, logic fails to cope with that the mind like medical diagnosis. What are the principles that are followed by any learning procedure?

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