General description: The coping strategy questionnaire. (CSQ), (Rosenstiel & Keefe ) in its original version consists of 50 items assessing patient self rated. We present a study with the aim of investigating the internal consistency and reliability of a Swedish version of the Coping. Strategies Questionnaire (CSQ). We present a study with the aim of investigating the internal consistency and reliability of a Swedish version of the Coping Strategies.

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Coping Strategies Questionnaire (CSQ)

Dimensions of pain-related cognitive coping: Although it had good reliability and validity, it showed an unstable structure 3 — 5 that has been hypothesized to be mainly due to difficulties in measuring differences in cq between different clinical settings, disorders and pain problems 6. Scand J Behav Ther. It can be recommended for use in chronic pain research and multidisciplinary pain assessments.

A large sample item level factor analysis. Riley J, Robinson ME. ICC Intraclass correlation coefficient. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Third, additional studies of the properties of CSQ-Revised using modern test theory methods, such as Rasch measurement theory or item response theory, are recommended because only classical test theory psychometric properties were evaluated.

Consistent with the English findings 8our estimates of construct validity highlighted the adaptive ie, Distraction, Ignoring pain copinb, Distancing from pain and Coping self-statements sfrategies maladaptive properties Catastrophizing and Praying of most of the subscales 47 Prendere le distanze dal dolore 131415 Analyzing the psychometric properties of an outcome measure is a continuous process that is strongly recommended to strengthen its properties and expand its applicability to specific populations and contexts Pregare 2324 The CSQ-Revised was completed in The aim of the present study was to describe the cultural adaptation of the CSQ-Revised and its validation dtrategies a large sample of subjects with chronic pain to enable its use in Italian-speaking subjects in Italy and abroad.


The questionnaire was translated into Italian using a process of forward-backward translation involving four translators. Two translators, whose first language was Italian, each independently translated the English version into Italian, keeping the language colloquial and compatible with a reading age of 14 years.

There were no problems with wuestionnaire to comprehension. Step 1 ended when a common adaptation was agreed on. Its use is recommended for clinical and research purposes in Italy and abroad. The correlations between the CSQ-Revised and the CPCI contributed further evidence of the adaptive and maladaptive strategies investigated by both measures. The sociodemographic questinnaire of the participants are presented in Table 1.

Sickness Impact Strateggies — Roland scale: Ignorare le sensazioni dolorose: The difficulties encountered by the translators were overcome by means of careful wording. Second, the relationships between self-reported beliefs and objective measures of coping, such as behavioural observations or reports of cognitive coping during structured or standardized situations, were not considered because only self-administered measures were used.


Testing the stratdgies version: Our findings provide further evidence regarding the relationships between CSQ-Revised and CPCI, two widely used questionnaires that assess coping strategies in individuals with chronic pain. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Strategie di coping Distrarsi 12345: The expert committee re-evaluated all of the findings, although no further adjustment was required.

Development and preliminary validation.

First, its cross-sectional design means that significant correlations should not be confused with causal effects. A CFA coling performed and each of the items was specified to load on its respective subscale as originally hypothesized 78.

Coping Strategies Questionnaire (CSQ)

Support Center Support Center. Please review our questionaire policy. The meaning of the original items was adequately captured by the idiomatic translation of the CSQ-Revised. Guidelines for the process of cross-cultural adaptation of self-report measures. J Consult Clin Psychol. The use of coping strategies in chronic low back pain patients:

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